Professional At Home Teeth Whitening: Complete Review + GIVEAWAY

For the last few months I’ve had the pleasure of working with Smile Brilliant- an online based at-home teeth whitening company. In exchange for my review I got to try out their at-home teeth whitening system and see if it worked for me. It’s funny because I was honestly looking into a teeth whitening service but my dentist quoted me at $500CAD for ONE session. Yikes. I almost bought something from the drugstore and then these kind folks contacted me. Read on to see my experience and thoughts. Giveaway info will be at the end of the post!


Smile Brilliant is an at-home teeth whitening service that creates custom dental whitening trays based on the impression you send in, and ships everything to your door. Their team is made up of dental professionals with 30 years experience and all of their products are made in the US. Smile Brilliant advertises to be 70% less costly than the dentist’s office and just as effective. They saw that most of the costs incurred in dental office teeth whitening was creating custom trays and the ‘chair time’ fees involved. Eliminating the dentist office trip altogether allows the customer to save money.


Basically you pick a package online based on if you have sensitive/non sensitive teeth, and light-darker stained teeth. Some packages allow you have a 3 month financing option, but prices range from $139US- $189US. The gels come in a syringe and each syringe is good for 3-4 uses. Trust me, you only need the tiniest amount. For example, if you choose a package with 6 whitening syringes, you will have at least 18 whitening sessions. However, you only need about 6 sessions to see your results and the rest is to maintain every few months.

Smile Brilliant will then ship you a two mixing ‘doughs’ and a mould where you make your dental impressions and then ship it back to them, included in the cost already. (They ship worldwide btw). To be honest this seemed like a lot of work but it actually only took about 5 minutes in total to mix the dough and make the impressions for top and bottom teeth.

Once you ship your impressions, it can take up to two weeks for your custom whitening trays to arrive. I was impressed to notice that quality of my dental trays. They were perfectly created to fit my teeth exactly. Once you have the trays, you’re good to go! You just apply a thin layer of the whitening gel along the trays and leave on for 1-3 hours while you relax. For best results, they recommend you whiten teeth at night before bed and after brushing.


I have slightly sensitive teeth from a few fillings and from years of eating sour candies (oopsie). I’ve always been scared to do any intensive teeth whitening because I’ve heard sensitivity is a major symptom. Because of this I was also sent the desensitizing gel and opted for the sensitive teeth package. The desensitizing gel is meant to be applied for 15-20 minutes after you whiten and doesn’t need to be brushed away. I personally do feel a bit sensitive the morning after I whiten, but it fades within half a day and then I just take 1-2 days in between whitening again. Smile Brilliant assured me this was totally normal and I never had any prevailing or worsened sensitivity after the initial period faded.


-Much more affordable than in-office dental whitening

-Fast shipping and cost of shipping impressions is included in price

-Very friendly, amazing customer service

-Professional website with great reviews (I don’t trust when brands have crappy websites)

-You can repurchase more whitening gel anytime you run out ($35US-$69US)



-Does take a few weeks from signing up to getting the custom trays

-Not a one-time visit instant result




Obviously I’m not going to review a teeth whitening product without giving you guys before and afters. Let me make it clear- I brush twice a day but I’m bad at flossing and I like my two coffees per day. My teeth aren’t horribly stained but they weren’t pearly white either. Below are my before and afters taken in front of the same window and completed unaltered. I’m super impressed! Even after 3-4 sessions I noticed a distinct difference and I did about 7 sessions total.


I had a great experience working with Smile Brilliant and am so happy I have an at-home teeth whitening system now. I honestly only used two syringes to get my results and I got the package with six (the T6 System). This means I will be able to use the remaining gel to maintain every few months and keep my white smile.

Honestly, for less than $200 and basically an entire year worth of teeth whitening, this is a better deal than drugstore whitening strips and definitely a better deal than dentist whitening. I also like how once you run out of the gel you can just order more because the custom trays will last ages. I definitely saw results and am very impressed.


One lucky follower will win $149 towards a Smile Brilliant whitening package. Most packages are within this price point! Giveaway open to the USA, UK, Canada and Australia. Smile Brilliant will also cover two-way shipping if the winner is outside the US.

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