Trophy Skin At Home Microdermabrasion: Does it Work?

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As we move on to the New Year, one thing many of us tend to focus on is self improvement and skincare often becomes a hot topic- how can we go into the new year with more beautiful skin? What daily habits do we have that might not be helping us achieve our perfect skin goals?? I am so lucky to work with skincare company Trophy Skin and got to try out their at-home portable microdermabrasion tool, the MiniMD. I’ve been testing this consistently a few times a week for the past 6 weeks.

Personally, I’ve never been one to splash out on skincare spa treatments. A massage a few times a year? Absolutely. But facials and microdermabrasion?? I’ve never personally justified paying $200 in one session for someone to scrub and pick at my face. I honestly had no idea what to expect testing out microdermabrasion. So what does it even do?? Basically microdermabrasion can treat uneven skin tone, signs of aging, dullness and dry patches. I definitely have issues with dry patches and texture on the skin, as well as unevenness from being a typical white girl. If you’d like to know my experience trying the Trophy Skin MiniMD system and if it actually worked, read on.


Trophy Skin is an American brand that specializes in giving high-quality at home skin treatments with tools anyone can use. I was sent the MiniMD microdermabrasion tool ($99US) which is a handheld mini version of the larger-format spa microdermabrasion tools, as well as their Argan Stem Cell Serum ($39US) and their Hydrating Facial Mist ($19US). The MiniMD came with 30 felt filter pads, but you do need to order replacement pads when those run out (they’re about $15-$25US for 100 pads). They claim you will start to notice results in your skin after the first treatment.

Basically the star of this post is the MiniMD tool. I found everything very straightforward to use, from the instructions, the set up of the device. I was also very pleasantly surprised by how nice their packaging was. Sometimes skin brands packaging can be very sterile and boring, but their rose gold embossed box was super luxe.


I always thought microdermabrasion tools just scrubbed and buffed your face, but I didn’t realize they use suction! There was a bit of a learning curve for me since I’ve never done anything like this before. Basically, you glide the tool over your face according to the directions on the guide book, but you brace your skin with your other hand. Bracing the skin essentially prevents the machine from suctioning your face while the skin is loose, which can cause irritation. Yes, the first few times I used this I did get little marks on my forehead and chin as I was learning to use this but it was barely noticeable after a day. I did get used to how it works and now find it to be super easy to use. Redness for a few hours after treatment is completely normal and something my fellow ladies with ‘white girl skin’ will experience.

The set up of the device was literally 10 seconds. You just plug the cable into the back of the device and voila. The machine has two levels of suction, and I still prefer to use the lowest level since I’m still not a total pro yet. It also comes with tiny little felt filter pads you replace by popping off the tip of the device. I always replace them right after every treatment so I don’t forget, and it’s actually pretty gross to see what the filter traps! The diamond tip itself is the scrubbing tip of the machine, and they recommend you buff it with an unused toothbrush each use as well, to remove any dead skin cells and to keep the head from getting dull.


-Takes only 5 minutes per treatment

-Bracing the skin is very important

-Do not go over the same area more than 2-3 times (skin will look irritated)

-Redness after treatment is completely normal

-Remember to always change the filter and use a fresh filter every time

-Buff the diamond tip with a clean toothbrush to remove skin residue


After treatment, they advise to splash cold water over your face and I totally agree with this. You can feel the cold water soothing your skin and any stray dry skin cells get washed away as well. I noticed my skin immediately felt sooo soft!!! They also advise to finish with a serum, and I opted to use the Argan Stem Cell Serum they sent me. So far I really like it- it absorbs nicely and feels moisturizing. I also like to use the Hydrating Facial Mist to soothe the skin even more, but the mister on the mist could be more fine.


-MiniMD device is super easy to set up and use

-I notice my skin feels softer with every treatment

-$99 is a very fair price for an at home spa device like this

-You can visibly see skin being exfoliated, especially from problem areas

-Argan Serum and Hydrating Mist help soothe skin after treatment


-Not bracing skin enough can give you ‘carpet burn’ in some areas

-The Hydrating Facial Mist could be much finer, and is a very small bottle for the price

-You have to keep purchasing new filter pads ($15 for a pack of 100)


MiniMD Device: 5/5

From day one, I really did see results from this device! I have texture on my chin and forehead that I’ve tried to eliminate with various products, and nothing has been as effective as this device. I noticed after only two uses my texture had completely diminished. I didn’t realize microdermabrasion involved suction, so you have to be very careful not to go over the same areas too many times, and avoid the eye area! Highly, highly recommend this device to anyone!!

Argan Stem Cell Serum: 4/5

I enjoy using this serum right after treating my skin with the MiniMD device, but I’m not completely obsessed. I will continue to use it until its finished but probably try something else after.

Hydrating Facial Mist: 3/5

The mister on this mist is too heavy and I find it sprays too much in one area. Also, for the price I wouldn’t purchase it, since the bottle is tiny. The ingredients in it are good, but I just can’t get past the mister.


Where to buy:  Click Here! Use code DOLLEDUP for 10% off your order from Trophy Skin!


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