Sephora x Mara Hoffman Kaleidoscape Brush Set Review

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While browsing what’s new at Sephora online, I discovered New York- based designer Mara Hoffman who I read about in my August Vogue had a new collection with Sephora. Mara Hoffman, known for eclectic, vibrant designs partnered with Sephora Collection for the “Kaleidoscape” collection and released a limited edition array of lip products, cheek balms, playful makeup cases and brushes. I initially was drawn to her fabulous makeup bags because I LOVE the Kaleidoscope pattern she created, but they were priced at $25-$138CAD. I’ve gotten a lot of adorable makeup bags for free in gift sets over the years, so I decided on trying out the brush set instead.

These brushes are certified to be sourced from sustainable forestry, and the cruelty-free bamboo bristles are infused with charcoal for an antibacterial effect. Music to my ears. Not the mention the amazing pattern and rose gold ferrules. The brushes are also all incredibly soft and feel amazing on the face.

Now, these brushes were not cheap. The set was $80CAD for five brushes. While this isn’t awful compared to what brands like NARS, MAC and Makeup Forever charge for their brushes, $80 is still steep for the average person. Since I’m quite superficial, I honestly probably wouldn’t have bought these if they didn’t look so nice because I really didn’t need any more makeup brushes.

Despite the price the set is actually very well thought-out and includes a cheek brush, all-over face brush, highlight brush, shadow brush and crease brush. No useless eyebrow combs or awkwardly shaped eyeshadow brushes to be found. I also quite like how they printed the brush type on each handle.


Cheek Brush: the cheek brush is perfectly sized to apply blush, however I actually quite like it to wipe away excess powder under the eyes from baking. It does the job and I never feel like it steals my makeup away.

All-Over-Face Brush: this brush could be used to apply liquid foundation but it’s a bit small. I definitely wouldn’t apply powder foundation with it because it concentrates the product. I actually LOVE using this brush to contour my cheeks and forehead and it blends beautifully.

Highlight Brush: this is my least favourite brush in the set, but it still works. It is a bit too densely packed and it’s quite long for a highlight brush. It works just fine if you use the side of it rather than apply highlight straight on, but I wish they thought to taper it more.

Shadow Brush: this is a great all-over-lid brush and despite being synthetic it is effective at applying the product.

Crease Brush: I must say, this is the FIRST synthetic fibre crease brush I’ve ever used where I actually feel confident it will do a good job blending out the crease. Normally synthetic crease brushes are notoriously too dense and will chop up your shadow, but this brush works! I still prefer a natural hair brush, but I’ve found this brush is great for blending out cream products or foiled eyeshadow.


-FSC environmentally certified wood


-Beautiful pattern and rose gold ferrules

-Antibacterical bristles



-Highlight brush is a bit too long and dense

-All-over-face brush is more suited for contouring



I really have been loving these brushes and I think you can make them all work for you. However, I wouldn’t bank on getting a foundation brush from this set as the face brush is too small for that but excellent for contouring instead. They have actually (perhaps on purpose) created a foundation brush separately which sells for $40CAD.

I’m super happy with the quality of these brushes. The price is a bit high for someone just starting out in makeup and the set is best for you junkies out there that want some pretty brushes to add to your collection. I was perfectly fine without these, but I definitely use this set regularly and the fun patterns really enhance my routine.

xo J


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  1. November 19, 2016 / 11:30 pm

    These brushes are so gorgeous!

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