Birthday Nails 

Hi loves!

For my birthday this year I knew I needed princess nails, so I went back to Classy Claws here in Vancouver. She’s amazing and her nail art lasts and lasts.

Getting crystals on your nails is not cheap, and a lot of the downtown salons are notorious for taking your money and giving you a low-quality manicure. I didn’t want to post my nails unless I was super impressed with the quality, since this set cost me $120. I got my nails done on July 4th so it’s now the two week mark and NOTHING has fallen off!!!

I’ve seen tons of girls at work get bling on their nails, only to have half of it fall off and look trashy in 2 days. The same has happened to me as well. Once again, I am super impressed by Classy Claws and will be continuing to return!

xo J


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