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Today I’m switching gears and doing a real-talk post. To say that 2015 was the year of lip injections is an understatement. Now of course this is thanks largely in part to Kylie Jenner’s complete transformation we’ve all been witnessing over the past few years. Suddenly, good makeup isn’t enough- everyone you see online has to have plump lips. Is just a trend, like early 2000’s round breast implants, or is it here to stay?


I remember when lip injections used to be a thing you’d only see with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills-types. You know, the middle aged woman who looks fab BUT you can definitely tell those duck lips cannot be real. No one I knew would have ever considered them as they were something that celebrities or middle-aged cougars with money did. Sorry not sorry. There’s just something about lip injections that 99% of the time, you can tell someone’s had them. Particularly it’s often the upper lip tends to jut out unnaturally.


I truly believe that if it were not for social media, the rate of people getting lip injections would decrease drastically. Every time Kylie Jenner posts a new selfie to her 60 million followers, those lips can’t hide.  And how does she have 60 million followers without being talented? Because people envy her lifestyle, her body and her appearance. Let’s face it, she looks great and her new lips completely changed her face. As you see in the before photo, there is barely anything going on there and the injections (while dramatic) did improve her appearance a lot. She went from not-so-hot Kardashian to the most envied.

Her Kylie Lip Kits don’t sell out because they are vegan, plant-based, not tested on animals, or nourishingpeople want to look like her. Any why not profit off of everyone wanting to look like you and create your own product? Teenage girls especially idolize her, and there seems to be a new breed of Kyle-wannabes cropping up. There’s nothing wrong with idolizing someone, but 14 year olds don’t need to be wearing skin tight outfits and extensions to get attention.


While I do think it is great that there is less taboo about getting lip injections- see the thousands of “My Lip Injection Experience” videos circulation Youtube for reference, it is becoming a standard. But why are women doing this? I don’t think I can name one person I know who has oddly thin lips- which is really the only time anyone would “need” to get this procedure done. Big lips are just so gorgeous-take Angelina Jolie or Rosie-Huntington Whitely, but, I’ve personally seen too many bad lip injection jobs to ever get mine done.


The lip injection trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast. It’s not a lengthy procedure, it’s not surgical, and it’s not even really THAT expensive compared to other procedures, so no wonder it’s really grown in popularity. I personally would feel super self-conscious in public if I get my lips done as I would feel like everyone was staring at them! It’s like when you have a bad makeup day and you wonder if people are looking at you because they notice or because your not actually having a bad makeup day. LOL. “Never say never” as they say, and I do respect how many people are being open about getting their lips done, but its just not for me.


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  1. March 24, 2016 / 3:39 pm

    Yes! Preach it. I completely agree with you on this topic.

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