Sephora Bronze Perfect CC Cream Review

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Today I’m sharing a product that I got on a whim over a year ago in the Sale section on Sephora’s website. They had only one shade available-I think this one is called ‘Bronze’ but I could be wrong.  The reason I’m sharing this is because it’s still in the sale section! Is it worth it? Is it there for a reason? Find out below.


To be concise, CC creams are colour correcting creams targetted at correcting skin tone, while BB creams are more for giving you light coverage while blurring imperfections. I bought this for $15CAD on sale (Reg $35) because it had good reviews.


-A little goes a loong way

-A great addition to correcting foundation that is too light

-Very pigmented


-Does not work well on its own-can blend a bit patchy

-Way darker in colour than I expected



I’m not surprised this product is in the sale section because it is so freaking dark.  If you apply this all over your face and you’re a white girl, you will startle yourself! This would be fine on someone who had darker skin, but I expected it would just give me a little bronzing action, nothing crazy. That being said, it’s a great thing to add to foundation if you get a tan and want to darken it up a bit.

In terms of colour correcting, yes it does correct that fact that I wasn’t tan and after I put this on I can be varying extremes of tan! I do notice some redness diffusing as well, but that could be due to my foundation. Not a bad product really, and I’ve had it for over a year so it will last you a while.

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