colourpop super shock shadow and creme gel eyeliner review swatches

colourpop super shock shadow and creme gel eyeliner review swatches

1. What is Creme Gel Liner?

Creme Gel Liner is a product category that I don’t think has been defined in an objective way yet. So, it’s time to define it.

Here is a quick summary of the marketing aspects of creme gel liner:

• Marketing relies on creating products that are popular (that are sold well)

• Marketing relies on creating products that have value in some way

• Marketing is not about explaining why people will buy. It’s about acting like you can’t afford not to buy.

… and here is a quick list of the main differences between creme gel liners and your standard gel liner:

• Creme Gel Liner (CGM) has the added benefit of being less messy (and more hydrating, I should note) than other gel liners with which it competes. This difference will be important for all airbrush-based products going forward, whether they be gel liners or lipsticks and/or eye shadows, depending on how long they hold up and how often they are used. CGM also comes in a variety of shades (some more expensive than others), making it easy to find one that matches your skin tone without spending a ton more money than you have to (though this isn’t a factor if you go shopping online).

• Creme Gel Liner comes in tubes instead of bottles, which gives you more control over what color you choose and makes it easier to carry around in your bag or pocket when traveling. CGM also comes with a mirror instead of being stickied onto the tube itself; so if you don’t have one already, consider buying one as an investment for yourself. Plus, these tubes come with sponges and applicators so you can use them for both creating cremes and for blending out colors several layers down from their initial application point — plus when traveling, this means there’s no need to take anything from your house with you since all your tools are already contained within the tube itself!

… plus we get free shipping . And free shipping isn’t something we get every day 😉

2. Creme Gel Liner: How to Apply it

The above is an excerpt from an article I wrote for The Verge. I hope you enjoy it.

I have a confession to make: I really do hate writing about makeup. It’s so boring, and such a dull topic. But after reading this user generated product review on the Creme Gel Liner by the same name, I realized that there are other aspects to beauty that are just as interesting and useful for newbies as makeup is for seasoned pros. If nothing else, this product review will hopefully help you learn how to apply your eyeliner in a way which will elicit a positive response from both sides of the table (and which won’t look like catwalk lip-paint).

Read More:

3. Creme Gel Liner: Common mistakes and how to avoid them

There’s a lot of hype around gel liners. The question is: “What is the difference between creme gel liner and gel liner?”

Here are some commonly asked questions about creme gels (I’ll try to answer them all):

1. Are they a) Color-correcting or b) Surgical removal?

2. Are they waterproof or non-waterproof?

3. Are they easy to remove (with or without makeup remover) or difficult?

4. What do you apply them on? Will it matter that your line is in the water, on your face, etc.?

5. How runny are they? Do you want them to be drippy, thick, creamy, runny, or somewhere in between?

4. What to look for when buying creme gel liner

I am a huge fan of pencil eyeliner, and I use it like a drug: in the morning when I have to get ready I will apply the creme gel liner product (with its small brush) to my upper eyelashes and eyebrows, and then before going out I will wait until the creme gel is almost dry before applying my very heavily pigmented black liner.

I assume that you are familiar with creme gel liner. It is a product that is applied to your eyelids with a small brush, leaving it briefly on (to prevent smudging), then brushed off. For me, this form of eyeliner is also known as “creme gels” because it smells like vanilla.

The only problem with creme gel liners is that they tend to be too dark for most people. That’s why I will now share the best way to choose which one is right for you — because it’s not about how well the product does what you want; but how well does it do what you don’t want!

People buy creme gel liners for many different reasons:

• To save time

• To reduce irritation of your eyes after using mascara or eye makeup remover

• For an easier application by hand (so they can still look natural even when you are in a rush)

However, one thing that may not be clear from all these statements is that sometimes we just want a product to perform its function as advertised: so much so that we don’t care about any other advantages or disadvantages listed above. The best example of this behaviour was definitely demonstrated by Amazon Mechanical Turk: . In his post “What Is Mechanical Turk?” Scott Mitchell explains what exactly this application can do for us as developers : As he says there are many similarities between Mechanical Turk and Product Hunt in that both involve crowd sourcing ideas from users and both involve crowdsourcing products from developers :

5. Conclusion

This is the end of the first part of our blog series. We’ve covered all the bases of product marketing and how to approach it, but what about marketing your product? That’s where we’ll start tomorrow, with a look at how to do some form of market research.

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