makeup forever hydrating primer review

makeup forever hydrating primer review

1. Intro

Do you want to look good all day? Of course you do. That’s why we created makeup forever base hydrating primer.

And do you want to look good all day? Of course you do. That’s why we created makeup forever base hydrating primer.

All day everyday, that’s the premise of our brand. And it is the driving force behind what we have built here at . We truly believe that makeup forever can help you achieve that.

It is not a sub-brand for us, it is a sub-brand for everyone else using our site (it does benefit from having it as a sub-brand though). It has been a long journey for us and we are very proud of what we have achieved since then. It is because of this journey that we now have the opportunity to share it with you and make the transition from being an independent start-up to being an established brand like makeup forever . We hope this will be another step in our journey towards becoming more than just an online shop and make you feel like part of our team too.

2. What is a primer?

In the world of makeup, there is a lot of talk about “hydrating” makeup, which can be defined as providing moisture to the skin. But what exactly is the difference between water and moisture? The answer, in layman’s terms, is that water can evaporate when exposed to air. Moisture, on the other hand, has very little evaporation; it doesn’t evaporate at all. So when you have a watery base that dries out after a few minutes (like said hydrating primer), there is no doubt that it provides moisture — it just isn’t as obvious as people think.

To summarize:

• Water does not evaporate

• Moisture does evaporate slightly when exposed to air for prolonged periods of time (so long as you aren’t sweating)

A primer is essentially an ingredient that helps provide some degree of moisture to your foundation/makeup longer wear (so long as you aren’t sweating). These are generally very lightweight products and can be worn either directly on top of your base or blended in with your foundation. There are two types of primers: hydrating primers or water-based primers and emulsion primers (which are somewhat similar but generally meant for use with liquid foundations/bases). Both work by blending ingredients together and then providing some extra moisture through evaporation. They do not change the feel or look of your base, but will keep it looking good for longer. Some manufacturers offer multiple types in their line-up to cater for different skin types/products. You can also buy them individually from any drugstore/cosmetics retailer such as Target or Walmart or online at Amazon or .

This primer has been around since 2009; though I don’t think they were around then and I suspect they may have been discontinued a while back by now. It is super lightweight and very simple — just 1 ingredient in it making up most of its weight (the main one being talc – which helps buffer any excess oils if used correctly). It doesn’t provide much moisturizing power, so if you want something with more integrity than this, consider trying something like Benefit Poreless Primer instead; though I haven’t tried this one myself yet so I have no idea how true to its claims it is!Either way, this primer was

3. How does a primer work?

A primer is a product that provides “hydrating” benefits to make the skin appear more plump, which can be useful for those who want to make their pores smaller.

You can read up on this product on the brand’s website, or do a Google search.

4. When do you need to use a primer?

The foundation of a good primer is that it must do three things at once:

1. Make your makeup base last longer without losing its shine.

2. Smooth and soften the makeup.

3. Give your makeup a bit more color and vibrancy in the undertone, so that you can more easily match the skin tone of your face to the color of your foundation.

Many primers carry one or two of these three out of necessity, but for those who are looking for something truly all-inclusive, you want to check out the one from Benefit . This is a non-sticky gel with an amazing array of benefits: it hydrates (so you don’t have to use a primer as often) and softens to keep your makeup intact on its surface (so you don’t have to use a primer as often). The finish is silky-smooth, it has some major dupes that give you excellent coverage and longlasting wear; and it also effectively gives your makeup some added color without going overboard on any one part of the spectrum — it has some slight shimmer and luminescence that makes it look almost like full coverage powder (without being too overdone). I think this product is particularly well suited for someone who wants something that actually looks like they have foundation, but doesn’t sacrifice all their natural beauty or texture (like some people will with thicker formulas). You can get yours here .

And if you want something even better than that, why not try Primer Potion? This gel formula comes in a squeeze tube instead of a tube so that you can just spray it on your face, then apply whatever other products you want — such as eyeliner or mascara — before adding any kind of primer! It also gives off quite a bit less scent than most other primers I have used recently (it smells like sweet vanilla not like artificial citrus or something), which makes it even nicer when spritzing on during dry seasons when air pollution is likely to be an issue.

5. What are the Ingredients in makeup forever base hydrating primer?

Your product is your business, and the way you are selling it should reflect the characteristics of your business. The stylistic choices you make for your brand should be its trademark. For example, if your brand is built around a particular tone of voice (like “fierce” or “cool”), you need to make sure that tone is conveyed across every aspect of your product.

The same goes for the packaging: if it doesn’t communicate who you are and what you do, it will lose its luster in the eyes of customers.

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