My At-Home Manicure Routine

Hi beauties,

It’s a super stormy night and I thought what a great opportunity to share my at home manicure routine! I stopped getting acrylic nails a few months ago (post on that coming soon) and I’ve always really enjoyed taking my time and turning a home manicure into a relaxing ritual rather than an annoying chore. The photo below basically sums up the mood.

Candles are always necessary and you bet I’ll be enjoying a glass of wine if I’ve got it on hand! I almost always watch YouTube beauty gurus or a TV show while doing my nails (you may notice Tati in the background here- she’s amazing!). Also, I’m a Julep Maven so you’ll be seeing a lot of their products in this post- all purchased myself.


I keep all of my polish in a tall bin from the dollar store and all of my nails treatments/tools in a makeup pouch. These get stored in my bathroom and I haul them out for my manis.

STEP ONE- Remove polish with whatever econo size bottle of polish remover I found on sale.

STEP TWO- File and buff nails with a nail block purchased at the dollar store. I’ve seen these for like $7 at beauty stores which is so ridiculous.

STEP THREE: Apply cuticle softening drops and scrape away cuticles with the pointed edge of a metal nail file. I love this because it is a less invasive way of removing cuticles.

STEP FOUR: Apply a strengthening base coat because my nails are weak as hell. My weapon of choice has been the Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment.


STEP FOUR: Apply two coats of colour. Tonight I’ve chosen ‘Roc Solid’, an army green shade from Julep. Yes, this requires turning the lights on.

STEP FIVE: Remove f$&! ups with a technique I learnt from my favourite nail tech. I dip a makeup brush in nail polish remover along the edges where flaws have been made. I’ve sacrificed the brush from the Naked 2 palette since it’s a great shape for this purpose, yet I never found it to be a great eyeshadow brush.

STEP SIX: Topcoat! My favourite topcoat ever is the Freedom Polymer Topcoat from Julep.

STEP SEVEN: Cuticle care. I’ll apply the Julep Mighty Peptide Infused cuticle serum and follow it with cuticle oil (once again Julep, sorry!)


My final look is pictured above. I’ll note I have a thing about hangnails- their removal is like torture to me, so the excess polish you may notice on those usually comes off within a day.

I simply love fall greens and I hope you’ve enjoyed this post!
xo J




  1. November 18, 2015 / 9:38 pm

    I LOVE this colour! I have a similar one from Essie. I gave myself a manicure at home like 3 days a week but I have recently gotten fake nails, I am IN LOVE with them!! They are pricy, but worth it. Xoxo

    • November 19, 2015 / 2:48 am

      I do miss my fake nails, they were so fabulous! I just got tired of the upkeep :(thanks for stopping by!

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