L’oreal True Match Foundation Review

Hi pretties,

So I’ve been super into foundation lately due to the weather and the changes that always happen in my skin. I’m talking about blotchiness, redness and generally being way less tanned and fabulous.


I’m sure all of you have heard of this product before! There’s commercials featuring the likes of Blake Lively, Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez. I have to admit I’ve been curious for this exact reason. I mean, there are good drugstore products out there…

I picked this up on sale for $12CAN in the summer in the shade W5 (hence why the swatch below is pretty dark) and it usually retails for about $20CAN. They have 33 shades all ranging in warm, neutral and cool.


-Easy to apply

-Not too thick or runny

-No shimmer (I hate shimmer in foundation)

-Colour  doesn’t change too much w/ oxidation

-Hides redness very well

-Lasts all day

-No pump!! Ughhhh

-Starts to look cakey halfway through the day

-Settles into fine lines really badly

-Really hard to blend evenly around the eyes as it dries pretty quickly

-Makes my face feel itchy

-Formulated with parabens (wishing I checked when I purchased)


I think this has great coverage (med-full) and is very easy to apply on the face. I also need less under eye concealer when I wear this. Overall this looks great at first but throughout the day it starts caking and settling into fine lines. I’ve literally looked in the mirror and felt like I look aged. Who wants to look old when they aren’t old?!

I’ve tried applying this with a beauty blender, stippling brush, dense foundation brush and also primer/no primer, setting powder/no powder, and even using less! No matter what it always gets cakey. I also always end up dumping too much product out since there is no pump.

I think this is an okay product but should be priced somewhere around $7 instead of $20 considering it gives you cake face. I think they drive the price up because of the huge shade range. I also find it makes my skin feel a bit itchy and it does feel like you’ve got a layer of makeup on. I’ve thought about repurchasing it because the shades are so plentiful and easy to figure out, but no.
xo J


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