March TOPBOX Impressions

Better late than never, but I only received this box a few weeks ago! I recently subscribed to Topbox, a Canadian beauty box that sends you 4-5 samples/full sizes a month for $10 CAN+ $5 shipping. Since I got the Benefit Prive Box last month, I wanted to try out their regular box and see what they offer. They have a system of “prive” boxes where they show you what you’ll be getting and you can select which one you request, or simply request a regular box. I like this system over a full on blind box subscription, because $15 a month for random beauty samples can seem a bit silly.

marchtop SO WHAT DID I GET??

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist: Honestly I love this stuff so much, if this was all I was sent I’d probably still be happy. Rosewater is incredibly hydrating and calming on the skin and this is amazing after the shower or the gym or anytime you want a spritz of moisture without full on lotion.

Medusa Lip Gloss: This is a full sized gloss that appears purple but applies on sheer. I’m not very excited about it because A-it’s a purple sheer lip gloss, and B- the main ingredient is mineral oil.

Schwarzkopf Moisture Kick Beauty Balm: Meant to be applied to damp hair and left in, this beauty balm made my hair feel a bit silkier. Too much can make it look a bit greasy however.

Philosophy Hope in a Jar Moisturizer: I had just run out of some of this moisturizer so I’m looking forward to using a little bit again! I really love the light, whipped texture of this face cream and it soaks into the skin flawlessly without making your face feel greasy.

Overall a decent box, aside from the lipgloss I’m content with it. I do feel a bit underwhelmed as the items are so small, but I’m spoiled from my Julep subscription (seriously check them out). I’m basically doing this as a trial run to see how I like it, and if I’m not super happy after the next couple months I may cancel. I mean, $15 a month for random samples isn’t a lot of money, but after three months thats $45 on random little beauty items I may or may not like!! Also, it’s so easy to get free samples this size from ordering online from Sephora (or using points) or getting beauty gifts from Shopper’s Drug Mart! Not sure if this is really worth it.

xo J


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