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My Natural Winter Skincare Regime

Hi Dolls!

I wanted to share my skin care regime to bring awareness to conscious beauty choices especially with all the Christmas shopping going on right now. I am in no way perfect but I do read labels and try to use natural-source products on my skin. Skin care is usually more heavily used all over the body than makeup, and thus more absorbed by your body! I try (emphasis on try) not to purchase anything without reading the ingredients. A lot of us can be dazzled by fancy store displays and forget that behind the flashy gift wrap some products may not be so good for you!

Despite my love affair with beauty products, I’m a big believer that the less chemicals you put on your body, the less like dried fruit your skin will look one day, and less chance of negative health side affects. DSC_0043 I used to buy whatever lotions were on sale at the drugstore and whatever big brands looked familiar to me. I always thought natural skincare was more expensive. Wrong! You don’t have to spend a ton of money to get natural products, and yes they do work and probably better than whatever chemical cocktails I used to buy. They’re also better for the environment since they will have less chemical waste!

Here’s what I currently use.

Face products: Sukin Facial Moisturizer $12- recommended to me by a lady at the health food store and it works great!

Rose Hip Oil $10- I swear by this. It lasts forever, absorbs nicely into dry skin and is also supposed to be anti-aging 😉

Burt’s Bees Rosewater Toner $16- honestly bought this on a whim but I love it

Burt’s Bees Radiance Facial Cleanser $16- it’s got royal jelly! And feels so nice on my skin

Spa Africa Marula Oil Eye Cream $20- I’ve heard good benefits about marula oil and I’m liking this cream DSC_0040 Body: Kiss my Face lotion for extra dry skin $13- this is a great affordable natural body care brand and the lotion absorbs nicely

Val’s Veggie Bars $5 for 3- Soap is often overlooked as part of skincare. These are made with pure olive oil and no chemical crap! For this price how could you not?

These 7 skin care products are safer (and affordable) alternatives that I use daily. It really is overwhelming to figure out if something really is good or bad.

Here are a few rules to help you out:

1. Try to buy products that you can understand at least 5 of the ingredients listed!

2. Avoid parabens like the plague. They’re strongly linked to breast cancer.

3. Buy products that aren’t tested on animals. I say this not only because I’m an animal lover but also because ethically conscious companies usually also try to use ethically conscious ingredients.

4. If your lipstick is $3….no. Or at least read the label. Please!

5. Seek out health food stores and natural sections of your grocery store. They’re not as expensive as you think.

Thanks to media attention and books like “There’s Lead in Your Lipstick”, a lot of beauty companies now have more natural products free of chemicals like parabens and sulphates. An effective cosmetics database made by Environmental Working Group ranks products on a scale of 1-10 on safety and goes in-depth ingredient by ingredient if you so wish.

Here’s a link to it: EWG Skin Deep Database-

On a lighter note, popular luxe beauty brands like NARS, Benefit, Urban Decay, Tarte and Too Faced all rated low on the site so do not be discouraged! 🙂

xo J

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