Words to my ladies about the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show


If you’re like myself, you’ve probably found yourself watching the VS Fashion Show in previous years only to find yourself grabbing the TV and shouting “why don’t I look like this?!’ while eating the opposite of celery. The end of the show results in feelings of despair while lingerie-clad goddesses dance around with confetti. It is a bit annoying they have to air it in December, the worst month of the year for stuffing your face with holiday themed treats. I’m still going to tune in this year, but with a more positive mindset.

I’m usually a pretty active person and I’ve seen myself in fantastic shape, and not so fantastic shape. All I can say is these women cannot achieve the physiques that grant them “angel” status without working their asses off. They have personal trainers and nutritionists constantly monitoring them and they work out twice a day for several weeks leading up to the show. They also will have a liquid diet closer to the show to look optimally lean. For example, for fitness and bodybuilding shows competitors have strict diets for several months, then dehydrate themselves for the show to temporarily look as shredded and toned as possible. It is a temporary look. 

While the VS models must look a certain way year round, a live fashion show certainly has more pressures and steps to prepare than a photoshoot which can (unfortunately) be airbrushed. Some of the newer models are looking unattractively skinny and unfortunately the fashion industry keeps going for this look. Don’t be discouraged when watching this year, these models don’t “wake up like this”. They prepare for months and they eat and exercise with a goal appearance in mind. However healthy/unhealthy their habits are depends on each model individually. They also are covered in figure sculpting bronzers and highlighters. You think contouring your face is a lot of work? Their whole bodies are guaranteed to be contoured for the show!

You CAN look freaking fantastic no matter what size you are but it does require hard work and realistic goals. Some of the angels have had children for god’s sake! For Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio to strut it on the runway after two kids is phenomenal and I applaud them. If you tune in, don’t let it promote self-loathing thinking you need to be a size 0. Let it motivate you towards your personal best.

xo J


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