The Difference Between Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils: A Beginner’s Guide

The Difference Between Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils: A Beginner’s Guide

Oils that give out a specific scent are known as fragrance oils. These oils get only used for fragrance. Oil extracted from plants through natural processes containing only plant scent are essential oils.

Essential Oils UK is an oil that gives healing benefits to the users. The terms fragrance oil and essential oil are not interchangeable, as important issues will arise if one gets replaced with another.

Essential & Fragrance Oils – Difference

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Essential and fragrance oil are entirely different products. Therefore it becomes vital to understand the difference between the two products.

Essential liquids are extracted naturally from plants and contain their scent essence. Fragrance solution, conversely, is a chemically bound mixture of synthetics created in a lab that gets engineered to give out a pleasant smell.

Manufacturing Procedure

A small quantity of natural oil gets added to the chemical composition while making the fragrance liquid get a whiff of natural fragrance. But still, fragrance liquids are artificially manufactured products created in a laboratory.

Essential liquids are natural products extracted from plants and other parts of plants that contain liquids. Cold pressing or steam distillation process naturally extracts liquids from these plants.

Therapeutic Properties

Fragrance liquids have strong fragrances but lack the therapeutic properties of natural solution. They are usually used to produce beauty products, detergents, and soaps. Few people could have allergic reactions to fragrance liquids when exposed to fragrances that get chemically produced.

The essential liquid became preferable mainly because of its therapeutic properties. These liquids should get used if they need therapeutic benefits.

Always carefully read the print on the labels pasted on the bottles before buying it.

Scent Of Oils

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The scent of essential liquid is delicate when compared with a synthetic solution. Since these liquids are naturally produced by plants, their production is limited. Their scent does not last long, and the aroma will evaporate away faster.

Synthetically manufactured liquids have an endless variety of scents available. As it gets produced in a lab, the different combinations of scents are endless. They have a long-lasting aroma, and it very slowly evaporates.

Shelf Life

The shelf life of natural liquid is around one to five years depending upon the different types of fat. Like, essential citrus liquids are more prone to oxidation effect when exposed and have the shortest life as they have a lifespan of around one to two years.

Essential liquid shelf life varies from 1-5 years, depending on the solution. At the same time, Patchouli liquid (extracted from small East Indian shrubby mint) lasts longer and can last up to five years of shelf life.

Fragrance liquids are manufactured synthetically in a lab; hence, they can get engineered to last longer than the shelf life of the essential solution.

Cost Of Oils

When comparing the cost of these liquids, essential oils cost more than fragrance liquids as they are extracted from plants naturally.

It is a fact that when producing natural liquid from lavender flowers, two hundred and fifty pounds of lavender flowers get converted only to a mere one pound of essential lavender solution. In the case of rose liquids, only one pound of rose liquid gets extracted from five thousand rose petals.

Hence, essential oils are costlier than fragrance oil, as these liquids have to get naturally extracted from natural plants.

Oil Used In Diffuser

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When using a diffuser at home, it’s always advisable to use essential oil, as it has more benefits when compared with fragrance oils. A few of the benefits include,

Air Quality

Using naturally produced oils in a diffuser improves the air quality at home by removing harmful viruses, bacteria, and other unwanted smell traces.

Mood Improved

These oils have mood-boosting particles in them, which boosts the mood instantly.

Congestion Problems

People prone to congestion and other respiratory problems get relief when these oils get used in a diffuser.

Gives Relaxing Effect

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It gives the mind and body a smooth, relaxing effect after a long, stressful day. Essential oils can get used in a diffuser to unwind all the tiredness accumulated during the day.

Better Sleep

These diffusing oils, when used just before turning to bed for sleep, can improve sleep to a great extent.

Essential Oil Benefits

These oils are popularly used for aromatherapy and act like a harmonious medicine that uses its naturally produced scent to improve human health or skin tone when applied. Essential oils help to

  • Boost the mood.
  • It improves performance on the job by reducing stress and being alert at work.
  • Sleep improves.
  • It kills harmful viruses, fungi, and bacteria naturally.
  • It helps reduce headaches, swelling, vomiting, sickness, pain, and worries.

Most Common Essential Oils & Benefits

For centuries, people practicing alternative medicines have used essential oils that naturally boost immunity power. These oils’ medicinal properties can get seen in the scrolls written in that bygone era. With technological advancements, oil extraction has increased and started going mainstream.

The most common essential oils and their benefits are

The Lavender Oil

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This oil is very gentle and has lots of benefits. It can get used in the bath and as a diffuser, or it can even get combined as an oil base when used with other body oils.

Before cost-effective antiseptics got discovered, lavender got used as a cleaning agent in hospitals. This oil also helps to have a stress-free sleep and relieves pain.

The Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil gets used as an antifungal, antiseptic oil. It helps in relieving acne faster. This oil should get diluted in water and is naturally effective for ringworms and athletes’ feet.

The Frankincense Oil

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It is known as the king of oils as it helps relieve swelling and improves mood and sleep. It is also suitable for asthma and gum diseases.

Due to its spicy, woody scent, it gets used in aromatherapy and skin creams.

The Peppermint oil

Due to its antifungal, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties, this oil effectively relieves fatigue and headaches, lifts mood, and is suitable for memory and digestion.

The Eucalyptus Oil

During the winter season, eucalyptus oil is very much needed as it can open the nasal passage in those stuffed-up noses and helps in breathing easier.

It also has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties


One of the main differences between an essential oil and a fragrance oil is that essential oil has therapeutic properties. In contrast, fragrance oils do not have that main important property, which is very useful for a human’s relaxation and long life.

Fragrance oils are engineered chemically in a laboratory to smell any scent. It gets mainly used for fragrance.

Essential oils get naturally extracted from plants, which gives therapeutic benefits to people who use them effectively.