Best beauty products of 2018

Best beauty products of 2018


I don’t know about you, but I’ve just spent several hours looking at false lashes. So I thought I would share some of my favorite products with you.

I’ve tried so many different brands and styles to find the best ones. Here are my top picks:

1-Lash Primer ($15) – This is my go-to false lash primer for a few reasons: It helps prevent smudging and blurring when applying any product that contains a wax or pigment, it helps reduce wrinkles, it is super easy to apply and doesn’t smear at all, it doesn’t feel heavy or sticky on the skin while wearing it and most importantly, without fail every single time I use this product, my lashes look perfectly natural and they last me hours instead of minutes or seconds.

2-Lash Primer Pro ($24) – This product comes in two versions: one which is sold in a pump dispenser (the original), and one which is sold in a tube with an applicator tip (the Pro version). Both versions are incredibly easy to use: Just dispense a small amount of the product onto your wand (you will need about 1/4 tsp for normal lashes). Using the applicator tip first applies the desired amount of product over your lashes, then move to the wand to apply more if needed. The wand itself has an angled tip which stretches into your eye and allows you to apply more than just one coat. It also comes with another brush that can be used as a spoolie if you want extra precision. Unfortunately both versions are not available in Canada yet but hopefully that will change soon because they are definitely worth trying out!

3-Lash Mascara ($18) – This mascara really surprised me with how intensely black every single lash looked after using this mascara! There was no smudging whatsoever! It also comes with two brushes: one that comes with an angled brush that can be used as a spoolie and another smaller brush (which looks like its made from synthetic hair) that can be used as an eyelash comb if you want extra precision while creating your appearance. The eyelash comb has some unique properties: When using it, each of your eyelashes will have their own individual shape so you won’t ever have black spots on your eyelashes at all times – even during those times when you don’t want them there – because each lash has

The importance of false lashes

For some time now, it seems that everyone and their mother is venturing into the world of eyelash extensions. The list of celebrities that have gone for them is long and growing, but the most common question we are asked is “are false lashes worth it?”

This question has been asked so many times that it deserves a short answer. It is not always clear what the answer will be, but if you have any experience with eyelash extensions, you know that they are as much a part of a natural look as makeup. So, unless you are looking for an exact replica of your favourite actress or model’s lashes (in which case I will happily advise against it), there is no reason why false lashes shouldn’t be considered.

A quick rundown on various types of false lashes:

1) Natural Lash: These look like your own natural lashes and are usually made from human hair (which doesn’t grow back very fast) which gives them a natural look and feel to them which can make them more authentic than extension mascara. You can apply these yourself with a lash curler or by using lash glue (a paste which you apply with your finger and then brush over where you want your fake lash to attach).

2) False Lash: These look like natural lashes but are made from synthetic fibers known as synthetic silk fibers or nylon. They don’t have the same softness and elasticity as real hair, but they do provide better hold and can be reused for up to 4-6 weeks. As with all false lashes, this depends on how often you wear them. Most people prefer to remove them after about 12-24 hours because of all the flaking that occurs when artificial fibers do not break down well over time despite repeated use (think cat litter box).

3) Micro Fiber Extensions: These look like real extensions, but they come in small containers so they can be easily stored in your purse or wallet without attracting too much attention in public places (or worse – public bathrooms). There are different types depending on how much fiber they contain: fiber strands each contain around 100-150 individual silk fiber strands; regular microfiber comes in 10-30 strand bundles; and bobby pins come in either cotton or nylon strands – the last two are more commonly used by women who want something more feminine than men would wear.

4) Mascara/Lash: If you want something stronger than just fake

How to apply false lashes properly

If you’re finding it difficult to get the best false lashes on, try this trick:

1. Hold your eyelashes in place and twist them up, then slide them out carefully.

2. With a clean brush, apply a thin layer of liquid liner underneath the inner lash line and around the edge of the lower lash line.

3. Slowly sweep this liner across each eyelash and use a small amount of warm water to smooth it out (you can continue to do so as long as you like).

4. Finally apply mascara (this will help make your eyes appear bigger) and close your eyes for about 30 seconds to allow the mascara to set in before opening your eyes again.

5. When you open them again, you should have an amazing effect! If you don’t, mix up some fake eyelashes with an extra coat of mascara first and try again! Use only one eye at a time if necessary to avoid smudging or flaking (use just enough mascara so that your coloured lashes are visible).

Some tips on how to choose the best false lashes for you

Some of you might think that the best false eyelashes are already here and all you have to do is to head over to your nearest makeup counter. But, this is not the case. There are so many choices out there, and it can be quite confusing to pick the best ones for you. The post ‘best false lashes 2018’ will analyze a wide range of different types of eye lashes and give some common tips on how to choose the best ones for your face.

The post will focus on three main criteria:

• Price: What is the difference between them?

• Style: Does one style look better than another?

• Comfort: Are they easy to apply?

Here’s how you can read it:

1) Compare price and quality of eyelashes by checking price and quality indicators . The prices will usually include shipping fees which are something we should never forget. For example, in China, some eyelash brands may charge fixed prices depending on the distance between their warehouse and your place whereas others may offer free shipping if you opt for free shipping. On the other hand, some other brands may offer free shipping with a minimum order amount as long as you pay in advance for them (to avoid any deposit). So, choosing a brand with a lower price would be good since the quality would be fair since no one wants an eyelash that doesn’t work properly or even break (which can happen when you don’t give it ample time to dry). Of course, both costs will depend on many factors, like how much do you want to spend?

2) Style- If there are multiple styles that you want to choose from then make sure that they match up with your face type. This means that if you have very oval shaped face then it would be good if all of their styles were designed in such way so that they could perfectly fit with your face shape. Also make sure that all styles are made in different colors so that they could coordinate with each other well too. This one factor alone would definitely help in picking out what would work best for your face type. In addition, check out their customer reviews before making up your mind; this way, if someone said one style was good but another was bad then it won’t hurt too much since most people have used both alike at least once or twice so they wouldn’t complain too much either way since there is no need for anyone


False lashes are something that most of us have seen and worn, probably many times. People in our world have no trouble finding them online (because they usually come in a box of some kind), or at the drugstore, or at the department store. We tend to think of false lashes as something to be worn on top of our eyes — but actually they can be worn anywhere that’s hidden behind our eyelashes.

They can also be put on while we are eating, while we are sleeping, during sex, before work, and of course any time you want to look your best! We can even wear them during sports and other activities where you want extra volume for an effect (like the “flair” we saw earlier).

So why do people wear them? It’s pretty simple: because they make us look more attractive! They make us look more voluptuous… More sexy… More fun!

And it’s not just about looking better for longer; there is a psychological benefit as well. One study found that when women who wore fake eyelashes were asked questions about how much they liked their partner, their answers were significantly higher than those who did not wear false lashes and those who wore no false lashes. The study also found that men were significantly more likely to answer positively when asked questions about how much they liked their wife taking her clothes off — a phenomenon similar to one cited by other studies showing that women consider sex to be more pleasurable when wearing makeup (truer than it sounds). This adds another dimension to the popularity of false eyelashes: people are wearing them because it makes them feel like sexier, which helps attract resources.

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