Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment Pen: Does it Work??

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I was lucky to receive the new Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment Pen for reviewing purposes. I had previously tried their Light Therapy Acne Mask and had a good experience with it (see my review here), so I was looking forward to try a more compact product. For the record, I have pretty normal/dry skin with occasional breakouts.


The pen is an easy-to-use handheld device that uses red and blue light that has been proven to reduce the appearance of breakouts. It guarantees no flaking (like what often happens when using topical spot treatments) and only takes 2 minutes per session. It retails for $19.99US which is cheaper than higher end spot treatments. To use the pen, you simply hold it over the blemish until it beeps and turns off. You press the power button once to turn the device on, and you can feel the warmth of the light penetrating your skin. They advise to use it for the full 2 minutes, 3 times per day for best results.


-Easy to use (can relax/watch a show while using)

-No flaking skin or irritation

-I did notice a difference in blemishes the next day

-The device beeps to alert you when the treatment is done

-Very lightweight

-Affordable for a skincare device


-Maybe not the best for ‘on-the-go’ people who are used to using a spot cream

-You have to use it three times a day to see results. Easy to forget to do this…

-The battery on the bottom is locked by a mini screw and you must unscrew the device to change the battery



I think this is a really cool new product that is great for people who hate using topical acne treatments that sting and cause your skin to flake. The device is super portable so you can take it anywhere, and it will not burn or irritate your skin. I was also worried the light might bother my eyes but it didn’t at all- once you place the device on your face you can’t see the light. The only reason I didn’t rank this higher is because I’m forgetful AF, and I prefer topical treatments. I know they may not be the best thing for skin, but I don’t trust myself to remember to zap spots 3x a day. If you think this product is for you, get your Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Pen here!


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