Tarteist pro glow highlight and contour palette review swatches

Tarteist pro glow highlight and contour palette review swatches


What is tarte?

tarte is an indie beauty brand which aims to deliver the best at-home beauty products from around the world. The key ingredient of tarte’s aesthetic philosophy is its dedication to quality, innovation and collaboration, which is why its products are designed by over 100 professionals and custom-made for each customer.

tarte has been in business since 1999, but it only started to gain ground in 2011 as a result of a series of acquisitions: Beautylish, The Ordinary and Sephora. At that time, tarte had just over 10 products in stock at its retail branches (which had quickly expanded from 1 store to over 2), but it was also growing rapidly on its own website as well as through collaborations with brands like Jimmy Choo and Dior.

Now let’s take a look at some of our customers’ experiences with tarte pro glow highlight and contour palette review!

Glow highlight and contour palette review

Glow Makeup is a great brand and has a ton of great reviews, so I decided to do my own review on the tarte pro glow highlight and contour palette. The palette retails for $54.95, which is about $4 more than the palettes at Ulta.

The palette comes with a pan of five different shades: tarteistpro, tarteistpro tribal, tarteistpro hunter, tarteistpro flame and tarteistpro bohemian. There are also two other pans with four shades each that you can mix together.

The tones of the palette are pretty cool; there is a light matte toner shade along with more satiny powders in each pan (though I didn’t know what they were). The shades are creamy and blend out nicely.

The first thing I noticed about the palette was how easy it was to use. It was much easier to use than the Loreal Paris Slim Lifting Highlighter. The bristles easily worked their way into my skin and blended out just fine (although I felt like there were some bits that were still visible after swatching each shade). The only problem I had with it was that it didn’t really matter what color you used as an highlight or contour because they all blended in equally well.

I would definitely recommend this palette if you love highlighters or just want an easy-to-use contour blush/highlight palette (but not if you need full contour shades). You can get one here .

Pros and cons of tarte pro glow highlight and contour palette

This post is about a professional makeup artist’s personal experience with the tarte pro glow highlight and contour palette. I have used this product for its intended use, which is to help you lighten and contour your face. We’ll be talking about the pros and cons of the product in this review.

So, the pros: The palette was very easy to navigate. There were no trial or free samples with this purchase, which is a plus because it saved me money in the long run when I am finally ready to try out something new.

The palette comes in a small yet sturdy plastic case that has an attached screw top lid that keeps everything secure so that you don’t lose anything (a downside to some other brands). It also has a very sturdy handle for easy handling. I love how thin and lightweight it is! Now onto the cons: You can feel how cheap it is because there are only four colors – two matte colors, two shimmery colors, and two cream colors – in each palette. This may seem like a con but it doesn’t bother me since I only use one tool for my makeup so it isn’t a huge deal for me; however, if you are going to be using multiple products from one palette then you should be able to get more than 12 shades from each color or have enough palettes at hand (which would typically mean getting more than 4 palettes at once).

The formulas are not particularly pigmented but they do have good textures: they glide on smoothly and blend easily even if they aren’t necessarily very pigmented (I think this is due to them having less pigment as well). They also dry down quickly but not too quickly so that you can maintain your contour/highlight look throughout the day without having to reapply if your skin gets shiny/mature looking throughout the day.

I have used both shimmery and matte colors from this palette – they are very easy to blend together with my finger tips or brush – so overall I really like how versatile these colors were since I could use them individually or mix them together depending on what look I want for my makeup routine.

As far as longevity goes, without any product buildup, these shadows lasted me all day long without any issues even though I was constantly touching them up throughout the day with concealer blushes or whatever else I wanted to use on top of my makeup (I usually always wear either medium

Who should buy tarte pro glow highlight and contour palette

The way I described this post was the same as how I would describe it to a potential customer. In the first part of the post, I talked about what makes tarte pro glow highlight and contour palette an excellent tool for anyone who wants to try out new products. In part two of my review, I talk about what will make people buy this palette and why they should. Let’s start with that first point:

1. It’s a great product in its own right

2. The product is well made, works beautifully and has a unique shape that allows you to use it exactly where you need it

3. The overall experience is better than similar products in other categories because there are no annoying bells or whistles

4. The packaging looks sleek and classy, like something you would see in a luxury brand store

5. The price is reasonable (including shipping)


The tarte Pro Glow Highlights & Contour Palette, $49.00, is the product of a partnership between tarte and Neutrogena. It has been on the market since March 2016 and is still in the process of being tested by users who have been using it for a couple of months. As I mentioned in my tarte vs. Bourjois review, I had tried the Bourjois one before and was not impressed with it.

The Pro Glow palette includes six shades: two to be used as bronzer, a shade to be used as highlight, two satin shades that work as blush and a third one (included in the Pro Glow palette) that works as contour shade. All six shades are highly pigmented with no noticeable fallout or settling of color when applied on bare skin. They do not oxidize at all and stay on for hours without creasing or fading. The packaging is very sleek looking with an easy to read information card inside which lists out all the shades along with their approximate coverage (I have seen some people call this packaging “beautifully designed” but I would say that it just looks like something you would find in any makeup case).

The palette comes with both a highlighter brush and a contour brush that are both very soft yet sturdy enough to work well on your face (better than most other brushes I own). The highlighter brush feels silky smooth out of the package but you will need to get into using it gently because there is no flat surface to apply onto so you will end up smudging your products if you don’t use proper technique (see below). The contour brush is also quite soft and flexible but has bristles which are hard enough to give good definition without tugging too much at your delicate skin.

The palette itself has an amazing blendability — I went through multiple attempts at blending my skintone using this palette before things started looking really nice! Most people do not realize how important blending actually is until they try blending their skintones using different palettes—I usually have some streaks or lines from applying concealer mixed in my complexion after applying foundation after having used one palette for several hours straight! But when blending, the Pro Glow Highlighter Brush works wonders on them because its fine tip allows for precise blending without leaving streaks or lines on your face like most other brands’ brushes do (which causes me more hassle since these products need

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