Jan Marini Clean Zyme and Skin Zyme Mask Review

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I hope you’ve all been having a great week. I was so lucky to be a part of this campaign with Jan Marini Skin Research and they’ve sent me both the Clean Zyme and Skin Zyme face mask complimentary for my review. Jan Marini has existed for 23 years out of California pioneering skin research and products with results. So how are these products?? Find out below.



The Skin Zyme mask and Clean Zyme cleanser are meant to be used together but can also be purchased seperately. Skin Zyme sells for $60US for 2oz and Clean Zyme sells for $30US for 4oz.

“Clean Zyme Cleanser and Skin Zyme Mask are supplemental home care exfoliation products that have the ability to remove dead skin cells without harming sensitive or irritated tissues. Use anytime for an immediate polished look.”

The Clean Zyme cleanser is formulated with honey, aloe, orange flower and orange extract, also papaya, sugar maple and bilberry fruit extracts. Skin Zyme is formulated with safflower oil, papaya, honey and orange flower extract.


To use the mask, let it sit on the skin for up to 20 minutes and then wash with the Zyme cleanser. To use the Zyme cleanser, they recommend letting it sit for 1-2 minutes on the skin and then washing away with a damp washcloth.



-Both products are formulated with natural ingredients

-Non-invasive method of exfoliation- no harsh scrubbing or acids

-Formulas feel nice on my skin, don’t sting or irritate

-Doesn’t dry out my skin after use



-These products both contain alcohol

-The cleanser and mask are very thick in consistency which makes washing off difficult unless you use a washcloth

-Kind of pricey

-Cleanser doesn’t have a pump




I’m really enjoying these products so far. I have used the cleanser several times and the mask three times now. I find the cleanser definitely does work better if you let it sit on the skin like the instructions say. It gives my face a super clean feeling without feeling tight or dry. I do wish they didn’t use alcohol in the formulations as I find it often irritates me, but I have had no issues with these products so far.

The mask is very nice as well. It’s definitely more of a luxury skin nutrition mask than a rapid results type of mask. I didn’t notice any dramatic changes in my skin texture or appearance, it was just nice to use. Overall these are really nice skincare products and I definitely like the cleaning power of the Clean Zyme cleanser!


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