Prism palette release date

Prism palette release date

Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Palette Release Date

Anastasia Beverly Hills has announced the Prism palette release date. The limited edition eyeshadow palette is already available online. The American Sephora site will carry the PRISM on October 15. You can also purchase the eyeshadow palette in-store on October 15. The new holiday collection is expected to be even better than the previous one. However, you should be aware that the PRISM palette has a high price tag, and it will sell out fast.

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The “Prism” palette is the latest offering from the beauty brand. The collection includes 14 eyeshadow shades that will create a luminous, natural-looking glow. The palette features neutral colors and a few shimmery metallics. The matte, ultra-matte finish of the other shades makes them perfect for every skin tone. Standout shades include Eden, Sphinx, Throne, and the duo blackened blue-green shade.

The PRISM palette features 14 full-pigment shades with metallic, duo chrome, and ultra-matte finishes. The eyeshadows are named with a mystical vibe, including Obsidian, Saturn, and Eternal. The names of the shades give the palette a mystical feel. The color range is rich, allowing you to create your own custom color combinations. The PRISM palette is expected to retail for $30 USD.

The Prism palette contains 14 shades. These are primarily neutrals, with the exception of metallics. The metallics are the most pigmented, while the other shades give an ultra-matte finish. Some of the standout shades in the collection include Eden, Sphinx, and Throne, a duo blackened green shade. The entire set costs $30 USD. This product is expected to be released sometime in October, so stay tuned.

ABH has released a swatch reveal video that riled beauty enthusiasts and got them excited. It included the PRISM palette. Similar to the Subculture palette, the PRISM palette features high-impact shimmer. The PRISM’s name is an ominous one. Apparently, the ABH founder is looking to make it a holiday essential. If the hype is all about the ABH glow, we will be in for a real treat in no time!

ABH has released a swatch video on Instagram of the PRISM palette. The swatch video shows the shadows in action. The colors are versatile and suitable for any makeup look. While the PRISM palette was delayed, it is expected to be released in October. It is expected to have an amazing price tag, and is very popular. In addition, it has more than a dozen shades and is loaded with images.

The PRISM palette is expected to release in late October. The swatch video features images of the blush and brow color in action. Whether you want a bright eye or a subtle one, the PRISM palette is the perfect choice. There are many options and shades to choose from in the PRISM. ABH has the perfect color for any occasion. The swatch video can be found here.

Despite its unique name, the PRISM palette is still a long way from its official release date. The PRISM palette contains 14 full-pigment shades in metallic, ultra-matte, and duo chrome finishes. The PRISM palette’s names are evocative, with mystical undertones that reflect the mystical nature of the makeup. While it is not yet known how it will be priced, the launch of the PRISM will be an exciting event for ABH fans.

The Prism palette features 14 shades of eyeshadow that are both neutral and bold. The palette’s metallic shades are the most pigmented and offer a satin finish. The other shades are matte, but offer a more textured, silky finish. Among the standouts of the Prism palette are Eden, Sphinx, and Throne. These are the most popular colors, and the palette is priced at $30 USD.

While the PRISM palette is still quite a ways away, it’s sure to be one of the most anticipated eyeshadows in the market. The PRISM palette will be a must-have for every makeup lover. Besides the PRISM palette, the LUNA GLAM collection will also include the Lunar Glow Kit. This limited edition collection will also feature three lip glosses.

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