The sephora summer splurge points event is on now

The sephora summer splurge points event is on now


sephora are offering a 3x bonus on their $10.00 (USD) purchase of select beauty products.

What is Sephora and what are points?

Sephora is a brand of beauty products, created by luxury retailer Sephora. It was founded in 1994. The company has approximately 3,500 stores worldwide and has over 350 brands including BareMinerals and Bobbi Brown. Sephora is headquartered in New York City, New York.

There are some rules when earning points:

• You must spend at least $50 in a single transaction.

• You cannot have more than 100 points total at any time (you can redeem them for gift cards).

• You are only able to earn points from one income stream (which means you can’t have past year-end income and earn points).

So let’s start with the most straightforward rules:

You must spend at least $50 to earn some Sephora points. That’s the cut-off price for the highest level of spending (as of February 1st 2019). So if you want to get two free items every month then you will not be able to earn any points unless you make your spending above $3500 per month ($1000/month). Yes, I know! That’s ok because there are a lot of other things that help you earn money from shopping regularly (see below), but it’s often just not worth it for people who don’t normally shop regularly anyway; so this rule makes sense for a lot of people.

Once you reach that threshold, we strongly encourage you to make purchases regardless of their price (which is why we list dollar price on the product page – otherwise they would all be free). After all, it’s worth paying full price if they will eventually pay them back by saving us money on shipping and other expenses over time: so why not take advantage of those savings now? We also recommend making purchases on or after the first day of your promotion period which is September 10th until September 18th as that gives you seven days to make full use of your bonus items!

How to get points

We, at, are always looking to improve our user experience and we wanted to share some tips on how you can get 3x points every time you shop with us. We offer three different ways to earn 3x points:

• Use the app for one $20 purchase

• Use the app for $40+ purchases (up to $100 value)

• Shop online + earn 3x points when you use the app

If you can’t remember how to maximize your rewards each time you shop, it’s a good idea to simply use the app every time. Most of your purchases will be in one of these categories:

• Beauty products, including skincare, makeup and haircare

• Fragrances and perfumes (in addition to makeup)

• Home goods, including apparel and accessories*

*There may be additional exclusions depending on what is sold during each category. Check out the full list here! You can only redeem each point once per purchase. Once you have earned 300 or more points in a single transaction, they are not automatically applied toward future purchases. For example, if you buy $50 worth of beauty products (including skincare), you would only get 300 points toward future purchases. When shopping online through sephora3xpoints2019™, all three methods are available; however, we encourage our customers who wish to use other methods of earning 3x points (such as gift cards or loyalty programs) to avoid using them until they have earned at least a few hundred 3x points from their first purchase through sephora3xpoints2019™. If a customer does not have enough points for their next purchase when trying one of these methods of earning 3x points after 30 days has passed, then that customer will be asked whether they still wish to continue using that method before continuing with their next purchase using either the app or online checkout . . . if they continue using that method after 30 days has passed without having earned at least 500 additional 3x point from any other method listed above after trying one option or another during those 30 days they will no longer earn rewards through this method of earning 3x points and will not receive any bonus rewards through this method until they have accumulated enough bonus rewards (whether it is through bonus rewards or status) by spending at least an additional dollar in any way with sephora3xpoints2019™ before 30 days has passed without having tried another method

How to use points

As of now, there are 3 ways to earn points at sephora. First, you can earn points by buying products or using coupons. Second, you can earn points by attending events and shopping with your friends. Third, you can earn points by purchasing merchandise with a specific point value that you receive when you make a purchase.

The second form is certainly easier than the first two and it is also the most obvious (especially if your friend is already earning points). The third method is more difficult to explain but more powerful. It all comes down to how much value sephora adds to your life — especially in terms of saving time and money — and how much value you’re willing to add in return (so it’s not just about how much you spend).

Given these three options, I’ve provided three different ways of earning points at sephora and have included a bonus video where I show my favorite way of earning them!


I was actually a little nervous to write this post because I know it will probably be polarizing. And I am sorry for that, as I hope you like my reasoning and the way I presented it.

I think sephora is a great brand. I have been using their products for many years now and have never had an issue with anything they have ever made for me. Over time, their products have improved with the years; however, their customer service has gotten worse over time (they don’t seem to care about your concerns or complaints). The company itself is not particularly inspiring either. You can google their CEO and see his terrible track record with every company he’s ever founded or worked for.

I started using sephora one day when my wife, who was at home reading her books, said to me “you should get some of those 3x points” (a promotion that gives customers 1x the amount of cash back on purchases) so I went online and signed up. It was a pretty simple process; they emailed me a coupon code so that I could use it when shopping in store (because we both work from home now) and sent 1x point vouchers in the mail to my personal email address. It wasn’t until after signing up that I saw all of the different ways they could earn 3x points; they give you a few different options including trying out any of their beauty products, walking through an airport or train station, traveling in a car or limo etc etc etc…but then there are also things like getting a haircut at sephora (which is really just expensive barbering) or going on a date at sephora (which is pretty much pointless because there aren’t any good places to do it without being noticed by someone who has time to waste). So then why would anyone sign up?

Their rewards program is pretty standard: you get $10 worth of points per $20 spent on your first purchase in-store and then $20 worth of points per $40 spent after that as well as 1x point for every $5 spent on your next purchase in-store…but here’s where things get interesting:

One thing that’s very important: you cannot use these coupons anywhere else besides sephora! As soon as you use one of those coupons anywhere else other than sephora, the points that were already earned will be lost forever! This means if you bought some

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