New Dupe For The Beauty Blender?? Dottie Loves Blending Sponge Review

Hi Loves,

In my recent Homesense and Drugstore Haul, I grabbed what I was hoping to be a dupe for the Beauty Blender. My beauty blender is at least 6 months old and I needed a new one- yikes! Let’s face it, it’s a $28 sponge. As much as I love the way it applies makeup, surely there had to be an alternative to spending $28 a few times a year on a freaking sponge.


Dottie Loves is a UK brand that I’ve never heard of before, but the cute packaging and colour of the sponge caught my eye at Homesense! This sponge was only $6CAD as well. The directions on the back say to use it wet and squeeze out the excess, just like a Beauty Blender. The size is slightly larger than the Beauty Blender, but otherwise the sponge is the same shape. The sponge is also infused with Vitamin E, although I’m sure repeatedly washing the sponge will make any benefits negligible.



-Blends makeup just as good as the BB

-Doesn’t soak up tons of product

-Feels super soft on the skin



-Looks dirty all the time since it’s so light



I’m in looooooove with this!!! So happy I tried something new!! I’ve seen so many negative reviews for Beauty Blender wannabe products, but this Dottie Loves sponge is an absolute dream to use! I really enjoy that it’s slightly larger as I find it makes putting on foundation faster. It applies my makeup perfectly and just as smooth as the Beauty Blender as well. The texture of this is extremely soft and cushion-like, although it is slightly more dense than the Beauty Blender.

I’m definitely going to try and go back to Homesense and snag a few more of these sponges while they still have them! This is a total win, 5/5 well deserved. Love love LOVE!

xo J

15 thoughts on “New Dupe For The Beauty Blender?? Dottie Loves Blending Sponge Review

  1. Hi Beautie, I remember when I used to work for a department store years ago and my coworker would share with me about the Beauty Blender. I got so excited about her discovery and spent almost U$18 buying for myself. But, after couple times using and now cleaning all the time I got so mad that I trow away, because I wasnt at home and doing the makeup at the gym. Anyway, now I buy the dupe ones and I pay so cheap that I dont get mad when gets so dirty. I dont have the patience to be cleaning all the time. I did saw someone posting about the silicone sponge kinda thing for to blend and I bout a inner sole with the same material for to test and I likes how you dont waist foudation. But u need o gentle or u will spread so much makeup on ur face.

  2. Nice! I’m really happy that you found a good dupe for the beauty blender. I’ve been using the Sephora Brand sponges that aren’t so bad but a sponge for only $6 is amazing especially if it works well.

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