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BEAUTY NEWS ALERT: Too Faced Spring/Summer 2017 Preview + Release Date

YAAAAAY! So last night I saw this amazing sneak peak for the Too Faced Spring/Summer 2017 collection and obviously I needed to share it with you. They will be releasing 6 new shades of Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick, three gorgeous metallic highlighters and a mega jumbo natural eyeshadow palette! They will be launching March 9th on The gods have spoken.


Source: Too Faced


Source: Trendmood

This new collection looks seriously unreal and I’m so excited to see something different from the Sweet Peach Collection. Sorry guys, but I’m over it. First, they release the Sweet Peach Palette in 2015 as ‘limited edition’ and it sells out overnight, then again in 2016 and it sells out again, and now its supposedly here to stay. I feel like they purposefully only released small quantities of that palette to build hype for the Sweet Peach collection.


Source: @Jerrodblandino

The new palette is called ‘Natural Love’ and boasts 30 pans of mattes, metallics and satin finishes, although not all shades are new.


Source: @jerrodblandino

These highlights are definitely going to sell out. I mean, they’re metallic with a geometric pressed pattern oh my goddddd. The liquid lip shades look pretty but I wish there was a metallic one too!


Are you guys excited for these products? What are your feelings over the Sweet Peach frenzy?

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  1. I need those highlighters but Too Faced doesn’t ship here so it’s another product that, like the Sweet Peach that we’ve only just got our hands on, it’ll be old news by the time it reaches our shores.

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