Rimmel Match Perfection + Hide The Blemish Concealer Review

Hello beauties,
I’ve been reviewing a lot of expensive Sephora products lately so I wanted to switch it up and bring you a drugstore review. Today I’ve got a 2 for 1 review special:the Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer and the Rimmel Hide The Blemish Concealer.


The Match Perfection Concealer made an appearance on my blog a long time ago, but my thoughts have changed. This concealer claims to be a 2-in-1 highlighter as well.

The Hide The Blemish Concealer was a total fluke purchase. I was on a trip and forgot to pack concealer so I found it at a grocery store.


-Easy to apply w/ it’s built in brush

-Blends well


-Very natural looking

-Can be blended into the skin beautifully with your fingers

-Provides decent coverage


-Lacks pigmentation

-A lot of product needed to get desired coverage

-Doesn’t conceal redness very well

-Can look a bit cakey


-Creamy formula creases like a mother $&@#er under the eyes

-Can sink into pores


Match Perfection Concealer: 2.5/5

I don’t like having to load a product onto my face to get results- which is exactly what happens with this. I also tend to get redness on my cheeks and this concealer didn’t cover it very well at all. It could honestly be used as a highlight AFTER a proper concealer, but I’m not the biggest fan. If you only need minimal coverage, this could be for you.

Hide The Blemish Concealer: Β 3.5/5

This concealer is great for natural makeup days where you want to cover some redness and blemishes while looking natural. It’s super easy to blend out with your fingers! This also does a good job of cancelling out redness compared to the Match Perfection. Under the eyes is a nightmare however- it’s too creamy to sit still even though I always set my under eyes with powder. I like this for covering up blemishes, and using a liquid concealer in a lighter shade under the eyes.

xo J


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