New to Sephora: Farmacy Lip Bloom Review

Happy Monday pretty readers,

Tonight I’m reviewing this Farmacy Lip Bloom lip balm that I purchased during the Sephora VIB sale.


So Farmacy is a new brand to Sephora, and is meant to be full of natural ingredients and antioxidants while free of irritants. Echinacea GreenEnvy is their patented key ingredient to all products and is meant to be extra potent with many benefits. I purchased this in the ‘Strawberry Basil’ flavour. They have other interesting flavours as well like Honey Ginger, Citrus Lemongrass and Apple Rosemary. This cost $21 CAN.


-Naturally derived

-Sturdy packaging

-Tastes and smells nice


-Doesn’t make my lips feel moisturized

-Constant reapplying!

-Caused my lips to feel tight and peel

-The pot is a bit unsanitary unless you only use it when you have clean hands.


I have to give this a 2/5.

I always try and buy natural skincare or lipbalm as our skin absorbs a lot of those products. The less chemicals the better. Unfortunately, this actually dried out my lips to the point of peeling and I felt like I constantly needed to reapply. Also, it generally created an uncomfortable, tight feeling on my lips, but that went away as soon as I removed it and used a different product.

I hope they improve whatever is in their formula to get rid of the drying because the packaging, flavours and idea around the product are really great.I returned this at Sephora today, and I don’t return things often.

xo J


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