Beauty News Alert: Sneak Peak at Too Faced Spring 2016

So Too Faced just shared this on their Instagram and I couldn’t NOT share with you guys! These are set to be released around midnight tonight on their website. I hope we can expect to see these at Sephora as well since shipping to Canada is so pricey.

I’m obsessed with Too Faced. It’s one of my favourite brands at Sephora because it just does everything well and their products are everyday wearable without being too edgy.

From left to right: Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette, Melted Chocolate Lipstick, Shadow Insurance and Glitter Glue (with new packaging), new shades of La Creme lipstick, Mr. Right Perfect Powder Brush, Candlelight Glow (new packaging + new shade), and the Love Flush Blush Wardrobe.

The above two photos are also found from Too Faced’s Insta. Oh my god guys, I am so excited about these new products! I’m most excited about the Blush Wardrobe and Mr. Right brush.
What do you think of these upcoming releases?
xo J


14 thoughts on “Beauty News Alert: Sneak Peak at Too Faced Spring 2016

  1. I’m dying over the palette for sure. And are those the Pantone colors of the year I see peaking out over there in the lipstick section!? I certainly won’t be wearing a blue lipstick anytime soon for fear of looking like I’ve been sucking face with a smurf BUT that blush palette is also calling my name…

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  2. I almost bought the blush palette this morning but stayed strong, it’s so beautiful! I love the packaging and quality of Too Faced and you can never go wrong with them πŸ˜ƒ I just wish I didn’t already have so much to be ok with buying some more lol xoxo Janet

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