sephora vib sale haul

sephora vib sale haul

1. Intro

sephora vib sale fall 2015

sephora vib sale fall 2015

sephora vib sale fall 2015

sephora vib sale fall 2015

sephora vib sale fall 2015

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2. Sephora Vib Sale

The Sephora Vib sale is a unique way to support and promote your brand at the same time. The beauty of this, is that it doesn’t feel like a sales event: It’s more like an event you create yourself as a part of your company image.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to take on a new role in the marketing of your brand and build an audience for your creative projects. In addition to the normal promotional tactics, such as traditional marketing, social media and email marketing, you can also use this one-day event to get your product out into the market.

If the product is really good, or if it has super strong features, or if you have great advantages over another product (and remember that even though they might be similar they are different things), then it could be worth thinking about being featured in some way. This can be done through placements on major websites like Apple App Store and Google Play.

I’ve got some ideas of how you can promote your products at the Vib Sale (and I’m working on implementing them so that they are easy to use). Check it out here:

3. The Impact of the Sale

This is a third-party blog post, so I won’t be posting the full report, but I will refer to it when discussing the topic at hand.

I have been following this story a bit lately and was wondering if you could share any insight on what kind of insight you would give. The story is that one of their top sales people (who I would describe as having great skills but not necessarily a good deal of experience) left to join a previous company, who then offered him more money than he had ever been offered in his career at sephora. He took the offer and left to join them as chief marketing officer (CMO).

This sounds like a golden opportunity for sephora to find out what they are doing wrong and start making changes.

What would you say? How do you think sephora should react?

4. How to Make the Most of Sephora’s VIB Sale

Maybe it’s a little tongue-in-cheek, but this is still a serious article and we will take it seriously.

Don’t get me wrong: the VIB sale is an amazing thing, and one of the best promotions Sephora has ever had. The real problem is that no one really knows how to maximize its effects. The VIB sale itself is a lot of work (you need to spend money in order to get discounts) — and it doesn’t seem to have any real results for you in terms of sales volume and engagement.

You’re probably wondering why I am suddenly bringing this up now. I can’t say for sure, but this looks like it might be about sephora vib sale fall 2015 . That being said, just because there are a lot of good articles on the topic does not mean that you have already done everything possible from your end (and even if you have done everything possible, there is still plenty more work to do).

I also think the VIB sale reminds us how challenging it was at first to build a business out of doing what we do. We were working hard on our own product, but we were also expecting people would buy our products at some point, we didn’t know when or how much they would buy them. Now, with great product/market fit and competitive advantage, that seems like a much easier task to tackle.

5. Conclusion

The sale takes place on October 10th and 11th, but here are the highlights for the week ahead!

Monday, October 10

• 10% off select sephora products (through to 9/31)

• Plus a free sephora vib bracelet with purchase of any sephora product.

Tuesday, October 11

• 15% off select sephora products (through to 9/31)

Wednesday, October 12

• 10% off select sephora products (through to 9/31)

Thursday, October 13

• 20% off select sephora products (until 9/30)

Friday, October 14: You can get 15% off any order of $75 or more with code “VIB15” at checkout. The sale ends on September 30th!

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