Holy Grail Dramatic Lashes: House of Lashes ‘Iconic’


Could there be better a day to write about my holy grail dramatic falsies? I love love LOVE Halloween and it’s simply the best excuse ever to go all out with your makeup and wear a pair of kick ass lashes. Today I’m sharing my absolute favourite pair.


These are from House of Lashes in the style “Iconic”. I originally found out about these from Youtubers using them, and I also noticed them all over Insta.Β If you look these up on Instagram you will die. And by die I mean your jaw will drop amidst beautiful selfies and you will immediately order them. True story.


(all photos from House of Lashes website)


-Perfectly tapered and textured to create a wide eyed look

-Compliments a cat-eye perfectly

-Not too long

Comfortable to wear

-They do not shed!!! (I hate when expensive lashes shed..)

-Only $12 US (aΒ bargain compared to MAC, Make Up Forever, Velour Lashes, Ghalichi Glam, Esquido, etc)

– 100% synthetic hair (no worrying about if your ‘cruelty-free‘ mink lashes are actually cruelty free)

iconic lashesba

You know when you put on new lashes and ask a friend if they make you look like a hooker/drag queen? (Not that drag queens aren’t fabulous)! Yea these won’t do that. Every time I wear these I get tons of compliments and feel freaking hot!

xo J


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