April Topbox Unboxing + Update

Another month, another box! Time is seriously flying by and my collection of minis is continuing to grow way too fast! This month’s Topbox was actually pretty good considering this all was only $13.44 including tax and shipping. I got the Estee Lauder Anti-Aging Prive Topbox that I requested, and they also threw in a Hawaiian Tropics Silk Hydration sunscreen.



Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Sunscreen: This 59ml sample has “moisture ribbons” and smells delicious, however I will no longer be purchasing any sunscreen from this brand since realizing that they use parabens in basically all of their products.

Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme: Anti aging cream, why not?

Estee Lauder Sumtuous Extreme Mascara: Yay for mascara minis!

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair: Yay for nigh repairing serums!

London Drugs coupon for $5 off a $25 cosmetic purchase


So, last month’s Topbox post I mentioned I had to decide if I was going to keep my subscription. Before receiving this box, I cancelled it. Simply because the amount of money I am spending in the long term was too significant for little sample products which are assorted and not necessarily to my liking! After three months of a box like this, I could have just bought a full sized product that I would really enjoy. However, the Prive boxes they offer (you can select them on your ‘wish list’ instead of a regular box) can be really good andย I may or may not regret cancelling.

I will say that my first Topbox was also great (the Benefit Prive Box), and I still haven’t run out of my samples yet! But the following month’s top box was lame and I don’t like how you can’t “skip the month”, like Julep Maven boxes offer. However, I recently joined Birchbox because they were offering a Beauty Blender and Blender Cleanser Solid for new subscribers! I am going to test them out and see if I like them better.

What are your favourite subscription boxes??

xo J


2 thoughts on “April Topbox Unboxing + Update

  1. These products look pretty good๐Ÿ’— I’ve seen lots of subscription boxes from others on my blog, I think I might sign up for ipsy or birch box!โค๏ธ I can’t wait to see more posts from youโ˜บ๏ธ


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