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My First Ever NARS Product! Worth it?

I finally own a NARS product! This was a shameless impulse purchase. I’m always shocked when people do big NARS hauls because I definitely consider this brand to be very high end and expensive. I was at Sephora for the Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipstick (see review) and decided screw it, I don’t own a NARS product yet. I’m gonna try something!


I feel like if a higher-end brand can’t produce good eyeshadow then they aren’t worth much time. So naturally, I went for the Eyeshadow Duo! It was a bit steep at $40 for two shades, but still better than $28 for a single. There are so many shades to chose from but I eventually decided on Alhambra- a “metallic rose mist” and “gold champagne” pair. This comes in the signature black rubber packaging and just looks so luxe. nars2 I wanted colours that would be suitable for any look and that complimented each other. So far I’m finding them to be really beautiful! I must say this was a luxury purchase and I likely won’t be rushing to re-buy something like this unless there are colours I can’t do without. Is this product worth it? Well, it’s nice and I’m not at all disappointed, but it’s not “oh my god AMAZING” nice, and it’s definitely not cheap. I was in a spendy mood so I bought it! xo J

7 thoughts on “My First Ever NARS Product! Worth it?

  1. This is kind of funny, I have bought and returned so many of their eyeshadows because I feel like they just aren’t worth the money. Their face products are so amazing, but the shadows never seem to work out for me.. Le sigh

  2. Absolutely very pricy brand. I don’t know how people spend so much… Lucky them! I would suggest trying a velvet matte lip pencil next. Dolce vita is my favourite. You’ll receive two as your birthday gift from sephora this year!! 🙂

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