maybelline fit me blush review

maybelline fit me blush review

1. intro

On, the site that reviews makeup, the company is currently celebrating the 10th anniversary of its first ever review.

This was a big deal for Maybelline. It was an act of celebration and it happened to be a very special celebration, as it was one of the first reviews ever published on a site (now there are hundreds). As such, it was also like having an official birthday gift from your parents or grandparents and showing off your new kitchen or car.

Maybelline’s site – which has been online since 2000 – is one of the most visited sites in the world with over 17 million unique browsers each month (and over 2 million unique visitors per day).

It’s also the largest beauty review site on the Internet, with reviews for more than 1,900 products and counting (and growing every day).

The reason why this all matters is because right now on Maybelline’s site there is a link to a small piece of code: “Review Blush On Maybelline“.

As you can see, this link points to an article called “Review Blush On Maybelline” where you can read about how this brand discovered that people actually wanted their product to be reviewed (which is a very different kind of marketing than trying to get customers to buy stuff they don’t need). That’s exactly what we want here at Simply Measured! We want our readers to discover brands through our content as surely as if they had gone from their bedroom directly into our inboxes.

Which is why we always work hard to make sure that whenever we publish content that people find useful and worthwhile enough that they will come back again and again for more. And if we can encourage them then we will have succeeded in making them happy with us. After all, when you enjoy something (whether it’s your music or your food) you come back again and again for more… right? And if you enjoyed your first experience with us then hopefully you will read every post we publish even if at least once in awhile they do not quite fulfill your expectations (we know some people who don’t read them but may still come back anyway).

It might not

2. the pros of this blush

Maybelline’s newest blush was launched on April 1 and the reviews are coming in. The product received 4 stars out of 5 and it is a fantastic blush! Here’s just a sampling of the positive reviews:

So, we ordered it but we weren’t even sure if it would work. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by this product. What I didn’t expect from my first blush purchase was how easy and fun this blush was to apply (especially for someone like me who is used to putting on thick foundation). The packaging is very cute, keeps everything together in its little plastic bag, so you don’t have to worry about tape breaking or falling out.

The only issue I had with this blush other than the price tag (which I don’t mind paying for a good brand) is that it does not last longer than about 15 minutes.

As for the cons, well…that there isn’t much of anything really. It’s nice that you can put on a lot of color without washing off your face with water or makeup wipes. It’s also nice that you can get two different looks out of one color so you could apply more blush than one shade if need be. It’s also nice that this blush doesn’t oxidize as fast as some blushes do which means there will still be some color left at the end of your day even though you’re not wearing any makeup, which is very nice.

I think all in all, this blusher will definitely be getting another try when my next paycheck arrives (which will be soon as it took me almost 3 months to pay for this purchase). The product itself has great staying power and longevity which makes me excited for another try when my next paycheck comes along.

3. the cons of this product

A blog post about a product or about how to use it is not a review.

Put simply, you can’t say that here.

But then, sometimes you want to, and here’s what you can do:

This is my website. Nothing more than that. I’m writing a blog post about an idea I have for this product and I am using this software to write it out on WordPress (which, if you don’t know, is the successor to Blogger). Now I don’t want to be too obvious and I don’t want people to think of me as your average WordPress blogger. But this isn’t really “reviewing” either — while there are some similarities (the software is used by me), that isn’t enough. Yes, the software works well and is easy to use — but there are some things about the way it works which I find frustrating or annoying (including how the interface handles pagination). And yet, because of how it works in practice, it gives me a chance to talk about these things in an objective way which could be useful for someone else who may not know the product well enough to judge its performance so objectively themselves. So if you see something which seems like a review but isn’t one (or if you just want to learn more about how something works), feel free to contact me on Twitter (@sleyke) or on Facebook (I tend to get asked questions there).

4. my conclusion and the overall rating of this product

I don’t know if I have ever written anything with the explicit purpose of critiquing a product, but here it is:

I have recently reviewed the Maybelline Blush Review Blush, and I cannot say enough about it. This is probably the best blush I have ever used.

The color selection is fabulous! The shape and size are perfect (I am a petite woman and this really works for me), the applicator is great, as is the blending function. Most importantly, though, the price is simply unbeatable for such a high-quality product!

The main thing that stops me from giving this 5 stars on every level is that there are some aspects in which I think it could be better. For example, the color selection could be better (especially when we are talking about a blush with so many different colors and textures). But other than that, no problem at all.

I can’t rate this product higher than 4 stars, but I would love to see it get even higher! Maybelline has truly made my life easier in my beauty routine!

I hope you all enjoy this review as much as I did writing it… thank you for letting me share my thoughts on your wonderful products!

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