Maybelline Fit Me Blush Review

Today I’m reviewing a blush I picked up at the drug store from Maybelline. I’ve seen their commercials for Fit Me foundations and concealers, but had no idea they made blush too. I bought this basically because I was browsing and wanted a coral/orangey blush but didn’t want to spend $31 on one from Tarte. Maybe I’m too used to the boldness of products at Sephora, but I was a bit miffed with the presence of so many beigey, greyish BORING “blushes” from most of the brands in the drugstore. I saw this one in ‘Medium Coral’ and immediately purchased it.



-This was only $8

-The colour is gorgeous

-As a company of L’oreal, Maybelline also no longer tests on animalsΒ (click here to view their policy)


-This blush isn’t very pigmented and needs to be applied generously to really see the colour

-Since I was in a rush I didn’t read the back. This contains parabens. Grrr!


I adore the colour of this blush, I just wish it was more pigmented and didn’t contain parabens. You really need to build it up to actually see it, but that’s where the $8 price tag probably comes in. I wouldn’t call this a “Drugstore Win” and I still want the Tarte blush, but this is a great blush if you want something really subtle and forgiving in application.

xo J


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