Tarte Positive Energy Skintuitive Cheek + Lip Set Review

Another item from my Boxing Day Haul! So I realize it’s February and I’m still talking about Boxing Day, but hey it takes time to properly try out what I bought! I got this set as one of Sephoras $12 deals, however they still sell it online for $14 if you wanted to grab it.


You get two minis- a LipSurgence Skintuitive lip balm-stain and a Skintuitive cheek tint that are meant to adapt to your pH. I liked the idea of pH adapting makeup since you don’t see it often. The products initially appear sheer pink in their tubes, but they immediately change within 5 seconds of application. The colour they both turned into basically looks like the warm pink shown in the middle of the balm’s packaging.


What I like: I really like the lip balm a lot more than the cheek stain. It feels nice on my lips and I like how the colour develops and keeps its balmy texture.

-The colour is also buildable. You can layer it to make it darker to a certain point.

-It is subtle and perfect for a light-makeup day without having too bold of a lip.

-The balm smells like mint!

-The lip tint acts like a stain and the colour lasts even when the balm fades.

What I don’t like: the cheek stain is basically just a thicker version of the lip balm. I’ve tried it multiple times but it’s just overkill on the face and too pinky-purple for cheeks. It doesn’t look like a natural blush colour.

-The cheek stain may look nicer when applied onto a cream base (I use powder foundation). I found it took off my powder foundation when I tried to blend it out.

-Applying the cheek stain should be done lightly and with caution, or else you’ll have a big purple-pink smear on your cheeks!

Overall: I’ll probably just go ahead and use the cheek stain on my lips when the balm runs out, since the colour is more lip-appropriate. I feel like the cheek stain and lip balm are the exact same thing, just in different packaging. The colour on the lips is pretty and perfect for day wear and everything you would want into a balm-stain. Not a bad buy.

xo J



  1. February 12, 2015 / 5:49 am

    They look so cute! <3 Colours look so pretty too!

  2. February 12, 2015 / 8:05 pm

    Hey love… Have you tried that cheek again with a stippling brush? I had problems with those too and that helped

    • February 13, 2015 / 5:25 am

      No I haven’t but thanks for the advice! I definitely will have to 🙂

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