Too Faced Sun Bunny Bronzer

For the love of bronzer let’s get into how amazing this is! Here we have another product from my Sephora Boxing Day Haul as promised 🙂 I am so thrilled to give you a positive review about this especially since I ordered it online and didn’t swatch it beforehand.

DSC_0302 I love the packaging and variety of bronzers by Too Faced, but I’m always overwhelmed by cuteness when I look at them! I’ve tried the Chocolate Soleil Bronzer already (as mentioned in my Too Faced Everything Nice palette review) and it is a nice matte bronzer, but I think it’ll suit me better when I get more of a tan. These grey months are really killing me right now! This product I got for only $15 and it came with a mini Flatbuki brush. I usually hate mini freebie brushes because they generally suck, but this one actually works!


As you can see, this came in trial packaging and is not a full size (its about half), but I have really noticed that a small amount goes really far! Also, it has a slight shine to it without making your face look like a disco ball, and the colour is very flattering– not too orange, red or brown but a perfect middle ground. Since I’m quite pale right now, I’m loving this because literally one swipe across the cheekbones does wonders, and I know in the summer I can just build it up a bit more as I please. Win!

xo J


11 thoughts on “Too Faced Sun Bunny Bronzer

      1. It’s really nice! 🙂 It’s the one called The Bronzed and the Beautiful! I just had a look and I don’t think they’re selling it anymore though. 😦


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