March Ipsy Bag Review

Hi Beauties,

Finally my March Ipsy bag has arrived. It turns out it was waiting at the post office for me. In Canada, our post system can be really annoying. Sometimes they deliver packages to the door, and sometimes they just give you a delivery slip and you have to pick up the package- even if you’re home when they come by! It’s really stupid and unfortunately that’s often why my Ipsy posts are late. ANYWAYS, let’s see what I got:

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January Ipsy Bag + Reviews

Hi beauties,

So I signed up for Ipsy a few months ago and now that I’m back to blogging I wanted to share what I got this month. Sometimes the Ipsy boxes send out really early, but this one I received quite late. Since I live in Canada, the subscription works out being $20CAD. It’s $10US plus $5 shipping. I’ve tried several other subscription boxes before including Julep, Glymm (now discontinued) and TopBox.

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May Julep Bombshell Box

Hi loves,

I haven’t shared a monthly box since last summer because I went totally off of boxes for a while. I’ve just been skipping the month to maintain my account with Julep since I love their products and didn’t want to fully cancel. Β The Canadian dollar has been so low that my $20US subscription box has turned into a $30 subscription box, so I’ve been forgoing it.Β This month’s box is a product of me forgetting to skip the month.

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April Topbox Unboxing + Update

Another month, another box! Time is seriously flying by and my collection of minis is continuing to grow way too fast! This month’s Topbox was actually pretty good considering this all was only $13.44 including tax and shipping. I got the Estee Lauder Anti-Aging Prive Topbox that I requested, and they also threw in a Hawaiian Tropics Silk Hydration sunscreen.


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April WelliBOX Unboxing and Impressions

welliapril2 So I’ve recently signed up for WelliBOX, a Canadian health and supplements subscription box. This is my third box from them and so far I’ve been really happy with my membership! This is $14.95 per month, or $13.33 if you pay for 6 months, or $12.50 if you pay for the year. This box is a great value and always well over worth what I pay. I know my blog focuses on beauty products, but health is a big part of beauty and a healthy lifestyle shows!

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March TOPBOX Impressions

Better late than never, but I only received this box a few weeks ago! I recently subscribed to Topbox, a Canadian beauty box that sends you 4-5 samples/full sizes a month for $10 CAN+ $5 shipping. Since I got the Benefit Prive Box last month, I wanted to try out their regular box and see what they offer. They have a system of “prive” boxes where they show you what you’ll be getting and you can select which one you request, or simply request a regular box. I like this system over a full on blind box subscription, because $15 a month for random beauty samples can seem a bit silly.

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Julep Box: February Modern Beauty

After taking a Dec/JanΒ hiatus from Julep boxes-primarily so I could spend more money at Sephora, I decided to snag one for this month! I opted for their Modern Beauty Box. This is probably one of my favourite Julep boxes to date! It included the Glow Highlighting Powder and Illume Eye Brightener for $20 with free shipping. Most highlighting powders and illuminators at Sephora are around $35- awful! This was a steal!

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