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Finally my first anti-haul!! I’ve began to love watching Anti-Hauls on Youtube and reading all of your anti-haul posts. There’s so many products coming out constantly, its nice to see a different perspective and why someone doesn’t want to buy something. That’s what this beauty community is all about- honesty and discussion! Anti hauls are a great… Read More BEAUTY ANTI HAUL!

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Tarte Haul! 

Happy Sunday Beauties, I finally got my Tarte order in! It actually shipped faster than expected and only took about 5 days for it to arrive. This was my first time ordering from Tarte directly instead of just shopping at Sephora, but they had way more selection and I got free shipping to Canada for… Read More Tarte Haul! 

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Sephora VIB Sale Haul

Cue singing from the heavens. This year’s VIB haul is pretty epic as I had a lot of things on my radar I was holding out for. My order made me a VIB Rouge….I’m slightly disgusted with myself about that.

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Shopper’s Drugstore Haul + Sephora Rant

In the last couple of months I’ve started to notice how much better it is to shop at Shopper’s Drugmart than Sephora. Their Beauty Boutiques are actually so nice and way less crowded, and the Sephora rewards program literally SUCKS.