Real Talk: Beating the January Blues

Ah, the January blues. It’s the ultimate “party’s over” feeling. Something I’ve noticed ever since 2018 started was a lot of negative dialect happening on social media. Posts saying “January is the Monday of months” etc were all over Instagram and I’m not gonna lie, I definitely indulged in the negativity.

No one likes January

Let’s face it, no one gets excited for January. Everyone’s broke, fat and hungover. Restaurants are dead, no one has money to shop and it’s cold every day. My start to 2018 was actually a bit rough because yet again I had conformed to society’s mass consumerism and spent way too much on Xmas. I was spending as if things would stay busy at work when the holidays were over, and I was sorely mistaken.

I don’t want to generalize, but I know a lot of us in the blogging community are in our twenties and working casual jobs in retail, bars, restaurants, salons, etc who don’t make salaries. So when it’s busy at work, it’s great. When it’s not busy, it sucks. We don’t have the luxury of a consistent set paycheck every two weeks. My month started with getting called off a lot of my shifts and I started to panic a bit because I thought of all the cash I blew during the holidays unnecessarily. The self-loathing was real.

Getting really existential

The first week of January I spent freaking out and thinking, “Oh my god where is my life even going?” Instead of acting like a victim (because that won’t make me rich), I started doing a lot of self-evaluating. Was I happy with where I was in life? What direction was I moving in? Did I want to start 2019 the same way as 2018 had begun? I began to write lists and set goals. If you’re having a hard time with the January blues, don’t just sit around feeling sorry for yourself. Accept that where you are in life at the start of the year isn’t where you want to be, and think of what you can do to better yourself.

If you aren’t happy with your job try and apply for new jobs in other fields. Even just working on your resume is a good start. You literally have nothing to lose by trying. If you’re broke all the time, do you know where your money is going? A lot of people say they do, but when you actually sit down and make the effort for a minute or two everyday to track your finances, it’s very eye-opening. That’s actually one of the best things I did for myself in 2017- I tracked every single dollar I spent and earned. It was super interesting for me to know exactly what I spent across different categories and how to improve for 2018, but I think it’s also essential. It’s just not cute anymore to be one of those people who always says, “I’m so poor”.

I just want to wear Dior suits and boss people around

Leading up to December I had a big motivational rut and just really owned the whole winter hibernation thing. I saw this meme that said, “Sometimes you just need to sit on the couch and do nothing for three years.” Obviously it made me laugh but then I was like, oh god what if that becomes me! What if between working and going on a trip here and there, what if I’m doing the exact same things in life in three years?! How am I going to boss people around in Dior suits one day if I’m not working on bettering myself?

The interesting thing about being a twenty-something girl, is that we can be anything we want to be. A lot of the things in life that are considered to tie us down just haven’t happened yet- kids, marriage, careers, mortgages. The world is open for us to carve out our life path but it’s scary. I daydream all the time imaging myself run around doing a myriad of careers, but I just don’t know what I’m ultimately going to end up saying it is that I “do” when people ask one day. I have ideas, but I’m in the awkward transition stage of life where I’m finished school but haven’t found my career niche yet.

Screw Social Media

I feel like we see so many “perfect” lives on social media that now more than ever people are feeling inadequate. We see young influencers on yachts, in the Maldives enjoying $20,000 vacations whilst adorned in Gucci. These girls are young, a lot of them a few years younger than me and I think to myself, “ugh I want that lifestyle too” but what am I actually doing to get to that stage? Let’s face it, not everyone is going to be an Instagram queen with millions of followers and get taken on free trips and sent cute clothes as PR. BUT, that doesn’t mean your life won’t be as good or even better than theirs.

One thing I had to give myself some tough love on was that I was envisioning having so many great things in life but then missing the part where I had to work for them. I’d imagine my perfect beach house but then had to think how am I gonna get it?? I think that’s a big thing we miss these days especially because of social media. We are bombarded with hundreds of images a day of luxury living, perfect bodies, etc and these images have no backstory. We see them and we feel envy and lesser than, but half of it is all a facade. Just remember that. Those Gucci belts are probably all bought with a Visa.


Something I’m really trying to work on is self-talk. I can definitely be pessimistic at times and am doing my very best to snap out of it and just approach each day as a new start. If you’ve got a running negative monologue in your mind, chances are it’s going to come out one way or another in the way you live your life and interact with people. It’s so much easier just not to sweat the small stuff. One of the best pieces of advise my boyfriend has ever given me when I’m ranting about things that annoy me is, “Will it matter in a week?” Usually my answer is no.

Self-talk is huge in the way you carry yourself as well. Everyone has insecurities, but it’s so much easier to let them go and just say “F*** it” and do your thing. I tell myself I’m fabulous all the time. Why? Because if you can’t be your own biggest fan than why would someone else want to be? Life is so much more fun when you stop caring about what other people think of you.

Look at how far you’ve come

Last thing I want to add is if you ever feel like you’re in a rut, just look at how far you’ve come. Little accomplishments every week can add up to a drastically different bigger picture. Just look at your life now vs. five years ago. Chances are you’ve done a lot and should be proud of yourself. Sometimes the days can drag on and you feel like you aren’t getting ahead at all, but most likely you’ve done at least a few things to better yourself, not to mention a lot of learning and experiences.

These are my thoughts. And hey, only two weeks till January is over!


xo J


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  1. January 17, 2018 / 12:01 am

    I totally hear you about jobs that have peak and low seasons. My first job was bussing at a restaurant when I was 15, and I remember the busy and low rushes. Then I took a year off after high school and worked retail which was the exact same thing. Busy at christmas, back to school, and not a lot any other time. And now I love my “career” job but I’m still part time and I never know what my weeks are going to be like. It’s very damaging for your wallet and for your mental health always worrying about making ends meet. The struggle is real.

    For Christmas I got the 52 lists project book which is basically you make a new list each week with the prompts in the book and then there is a call to action on how to change yourself from it. Last week I listed all my favourite TV and book characters and the challenge was to figure out what traits I like in them and how I can embody those traits!

    Lately I’ve decided I’m going to do more for me. I’ve started saying no to middle of the night calls to come in to work, taking sick days and I’m also trying to stay out of that social media trap!

    Sorry for the essay, I just relate to this list a lot! I hope you have a wonderful 2018 and do more of whatever makes you happy 🙂

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