Reflecting on Another Year of Dolled Up by J

Happy 2018 loves.

This past year has taught me a lot about blogging, and myself. For those of you new here, I’ll let you know I started this as a means of socially acceptable procrastination in university. I didn’t think anyone would actually read my blog, let alone how many of you would.

2017 was an interesting year and I would say it’s the year I started getting serious as a blogger. I became self-hosted, I had brands contacting me, learned that time management is everything, and I even began to monetize my blog. I’m learning all of this myself with no mentorship so it’s definitely been a learning experience. My blog still has an anonymous face, but sometimes I think I should come out of the closet because why not?


Sometimes as a blogger, it’s hard to post all the time or constantly feel inspired to write and create content. I sometimes get discouraged if a post I spent an entire afternoon writing doesn’t take off and attract readers. I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel envious of some blogger’s Instagram feeds and how effortlessly professional their photos look, or how many followers they’ve gotten in a shorter timespan than me. Balancing working full time, keeping a (somewhat) organized life and being a blogger can be a lot sometimes, and I’ve just got to remind myself that every success I’ve seen is from my own hard work.

Seeing growth of my readership and social media accounts has helped a lot, and I’ve been surprised to see some posts that initially barely got attention go viral (to my standards). ‘A Year of VIB Rouge: A Complete Review‘ has become my most read post of 2017 and something that I’m really proud of. I really want to focus on more lifestyle and opinion posts in 2018. Posts that create a lot of buzz and discussion are always my favourite.


I’ve started to also changed my blogging aesthetic- I used to shoot highly exposed, flat white backgrounds and now I’ve begin to incorporate marble and florals in my photos. I feel like there’s more personality when you add a little something extra to product photos. Flat lays are something I became really passionate about and I can really appreciate the work that goes into a good flat lay. They’re harder to create than they look!

I’ve been tweaking my blog theme since day 1, and I love how this site has evolved but for 2018 I really want to kick it up a notch. I want to tell people I’m a blogger and have them say, “wow” when they see Dolled Up by J.


This is something I will never, ever do. Have you ever seen someone’s page with 20k+ followers but their photos only average 100-200 likes? I’d be 99% sure they bought their following. I get messages allll the time from companies trying to help “grow my brand” and they just want you to buy a following. It’s dishonest and honestly taking some of the fun out of social media.


I honestly think about this all the time. I think it would be so fun, but I also have a pretty busy life and don’t know if I could keep up with running a blog, social media AND a channel. Plus, people are mean! I feel like a lot of girls with a big online presence get the worst anxiety. Who knows, its not off the table.


Last item on my mind- a big thank you to everyone who has read my blog over the past year! It’s so fun to post interact with the fabulous ladies in this community and discover amazing new bloggers. I wouldn’t still be writing without your support!


Here’s to another great year of Dolled Up by J.






  1. January 4, 2018 / 11:06 am

    I love your flatlays J! I can relate to a lot of this, especially being frustrated when other blogs and instagram feeds grow so much faster. I hate those messages about buying followers, like go away! haha
    If you decide to start a youtube channel I’d watch 🙂

    • January 5, 2018 / 12:20 am

      Thank you for such kind words!! I’m trying to improve my flatlays a lot! Hahaha- exactly I’m so good at weeding those accounts out now, just go away! xoxoxo

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