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Drugstore Haul!

Happy not Monday everyone!

So I’ve been running out of some essentials and in efforts to restock two things I got 10. Whoopsie.


Elf Mineral Primer in ‘radiant glow’-I feel like being radiant. Potential dupe for the new Becca primer?!

Revlon Lash Potion Mascara in ‘blackest black’-On sale for $5.

Revlon Matte Lipstick in ‘Nude Attitude’ and ‘Really Red’- these were on sale for $4 so I want to see how they stack up to MAC.

NYX HD Studio Finishing Powder– 100% pure silica powder and one of the products that needed restocking.

NYX matte lipstick in ‘natural’ -free with a $25 NYX purchase…so naturally…

Physician’s Formula Argan Wear BB Cream– another potential dupe and on sale for only $8.

NYX Dark Circle Corrector in ‘light’- #studentlife anyone?

NYX soft matte lip cream in ‘Stockholm’- I just really wanted to try this.

I’m Canadian so I bought this all at London Drugs. Normally I’d wait till Shoppers Drugmart was having a reward points event to do a drugstore haul, but they don’t have NYX!!! Tisk tisk. I’ll be reviewing some of these in the coming weeks so stay tuned pretties.
xo J

6 thoughts on “Drugstore Haul!

  1. “whoopsie” lol. So 27 must be old cause I totally wear brown mascara… only on my bottom lashes though (I feel it makes my eyes pop more to have brown liner/mascara on bottom and black liner/mascara on top)… so maybe that makes me middle aged!? As for the dark circles, more like #life. Enjoy them. They’re yours for the rest of your life!

    1. Oh please do not take that personally! I was going for some humour put maybe a bit insensitive? I myself usually do a brown-toned bottom eyeliner for the same reasons you use brown mascara! Maybe we’re both middle aged! Just kidding. But I think I’m gonna edit that bit out now..

      1. No, don’t edit it! It made me laugh, I didn’t take it personally at all, haha. In fact, it’s spot on cause I got the tip from my grandmother, bahahahahahaha 🙂

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