Cleanse, Tone…Essence?? 

Recently there’s been a new media fascination as Korean skincare products are flooding into the North American beauty market. Sephora even has a whole new section of ‘K-beauty’ online. I’ve been seeing things like egg mousse cleanser and jelly eyeshadow, but the one product most intriguing has been essences. WTF IS AN ESSENCE?

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Beauty Products That Sucked!!!

We’ve all had the experience of buying a new product, taking it home all excited thinking its going to be great, only to have it be a total fail. You’re left with disappointment and mediocre makeup. Here is a selection of products that failed to impress or do anything good at all:

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All About Oils!

Hi loves, I’m so excited to share this post with you because I was skeptic turned lover for oils! Face and body oils didn’t use to be as popular as they are right now, and you may be with me when I say when I first heard of facial oil I cringed. Aren’t we fighting… Read More All About Oils!

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A Vitamin C Skin Care Haul!

Hi Dolls! Since the holidays are officially over, I’m feeling in the need of some additional TLC skin-wise. With all the drinking and eating and late nights I feel like my skin just isn’t on its A game. Over the holidays I stocked up on a few favourites, and they’re all citrus themed!