Six Ways to Feel More Confident Right Now

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Confidence- we all want it, we all like it, and we’re all attracted to it. However, it’s not something that comes super natural for everyone, and is definitely not something I had growing up. I was talking to an old friend the other day and she said she felt more confident than ever, right now. I had to agree, I’ve been feeling great lately. Don’t get me wrong, I still have days where I hate my outfit and feel like a scrub, my skin bothers me or I’m bloated as hell. But most days, I’ve been feeling better than ever. Below are six of my favourite ways to feel more confident now.




One- Don’t Skip Basic Maintenance.

Get your nails done. Get those split ends cut off. Pluck those three annoying brow hairs that have been bothering you all week. Get a wax where you need one. No seriously. Whenever I have “the basics” locked down, I feel good. Plus, who wants to run into an old boss or acquaintance with gross hands and a half unibrow. You never know who you’re gonna run into, and I always feel more self-conscious when my basics are out of whack.

Two- Make Feel Good Playlists!

I live in the city so I walk almost everywhere. When I’ve got good beats on I feel like “I’ve got this” and am in a better mood and mindset. It just sets a good vibe and the small stuff doesn’t get to me as much. Literally three of my favourite Spotify playlists I’ve made are titled “beats”, “feel good”, and “go get em”. And they work for me! Try it.

Three- Exercise. 

Okay I hate when people use ‘exercise’ as a tip because it’s so cliche, but I’m in a 1000% better mood if I’ve gone to the gym that day. It goes beyond body confidence- I always find when I’m on my fitness train, I make better choices, I feel more confident in general and ready to take life on. Not to mention, have you ever ran errands post workout without makeup on, hair in a fun bun and not giving a f***? You can thank endorphins for that.

Four- Bold Lipstick.

Did you know that during the Great Depression lipstick sales skyrocketed? Look good = feel good. It takes courage to step out of the house in a bold shade of lipstick, but I guarantee you will get compliments! Sometimes the simplest makeup can make you feel the most badass- a quick winged liner and a bold lip is a classic look but never goes out of style. It doesn’t need to be bright red or deep plum either- start with what you’re comfortable with. Kat Von D’s Lolita II and Huda Beauty ‘Icon’ are beautiful terracotta shades that never fail to impress.

Five- All Black Everythang.

Call it slimming, call it New York, call it ready for your ex’s funeral, call it whatever you want. An all black outfit never fails to make me feel good. In addition to being the most flattering ever, more attention is left for your pretty face! Kick it up a notch with a red nail, throw on some heels, now we’re talking.

Six- Stop Competing and Give Yourself More Credit.

Once I stopped ‘competing’ with people and accepted that we are all special and beautiful and everyone has something unique to offer, life got a lot better. You will never feel happy with yourself if you are trying to be more like another person. I always say, women need to compliment each other more but also need to accept compliments more. Someone likes your outfit? Don’t diminish and deflect- say thank you. Also, instead of picking someone apart because you’re insecure, have the maturity to acknowledge, and even tell them how great they look. Us girls gotta stick together!


I hope you enjoyed reading this.


xo J








  1. November 3, 2018 / 7:22 pm

    I gotta take care of my basics next week lol. I’m getting my brows done and my hair cut, I’m looking forward to it actually. I just got a free spotify account finally, I was missing out! I didn’t realize that there even was a free version, I love that I can listen to almost anything I want anytime.
    And for the compliments, I agree everyone needs to just say thank you! I try to do this instead of being humble and deflecting or whatever because when we deflect it diminishes the intent behind the compliment making not just you but the person saying it feel bad.
    I love this post J!

    • November 3, 2018 / 8:34 pm

      Thank you for reading as always!! Haha yesss girl you’re gonna feel great after! And yea Spotify is the best- you can make custom playlists and its so quick. Yea that’s true! It’s like when you get someone a gift and they get weird about it without just being happy. Glad you enjoyed! xo

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