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Real Talk: F*ck Your Gucci Belt.

A million quotes about originality are running through my head right now. I’m just gonna write what I want to write about this.



I’ve always been a shopper but I’ve never been one to follow trends for the sake of it. Some trends are cute and I can get onboard with, like the off-the-should summer we had, or those cute woven beach hats that say things like “Do Not Disturb” or “Wish You Were Here”. Those trends evoke a certain style or bring an air of playfulness to the everyday. What I don’t like is the Gucci belt trend that’s infiltrating my Instagram and Pinterest feeds.

Yes, the belts are cute and if I were rich I would probably own six of them because why not I like gold things but they literally are just a logo. Behind those letters signifies wealth and status. You are paying to be part of the cool-kids club that not everyone can join- $540CAD to be exact. There is nothing unique about those belts whatsoever- nothing that signals you to know they are something special  and those with a particular keen sense of style will identify them as Gucci. It’s a f*cking logo. An in-your-face, I’m richer than you logo. Have I said ‘logo’ too many times yet?



I’m starting to get annoyed with images on social media of girls wearing basic AF outfits but they have a Gucci belt on so it’s all good and they’re automatically better than all of us. Same thing with the Hermes cuff bracelets. It’s funny because those type of accessories basically serve as advertisements for the brand, and most often people who buy them can’t actually afford a full-on Gucci bag or anything else from Hermes, so this is the next best thing. They want to be recognized and envied.

Personally, I’ve never been one to want flashy things with branding all over them. Nice things, absolutely. I remember at a young age feeling horror when those flashy Coach bags with the C’s all over the damn place were a trend. When I turned 21 I splurged on a diamond ring instead of Louis Vuitton. Still kinda want the Louis Vuitton- but why? We’re conditioned to accept brand recognition as a means of status. No wonder Louis Vuitton is one of the best selling luxury brands in the world. The design is highly recognizable and an instant sign of wealth. Want to opt for a less in-your-face designer bag? You could go to Chloe, but not everyone will give you envious looks as you’re walking down the street.



I live in Vancouver and for those of you who’ve never been, it’s a very expensive city and there is money everywhere. With all of that being flaunted in your face all the time, it’s only natural to also want to appear fabulous and maybe even a little wealthy. However, there is a difference between buying things to outright show people you spent money on them aka. the Gucci belt, and simply having style.

I’ve gotten more compliments from complete strangers on outfits I’ve put together when you can’t put your finger on where everything is from than wearing flashy things. I’ve also seen people wearing $10,000+ outfits that look like complete trash, because they have no sense of style and only want to flaunt their money. I’m not rich, but I do have a few nice designer goods that I love and bought for me. Usually, people don’t even comment on them but I don’t care. I saved up and bought them because I loved them and they matched my own style, not to get likes on Instagram.



The point I’m trying to make here is that if those Gucci belts weren’t so expensive, they wouldn’t be cool. No one wakes up and thinks, “I really need a basic leather belt with a logo on it in my life“. If Forever 21 made logo belts with two F’s intertwined, people would laugh at them! People buy designer goods with logos on them because they want to be recognized, that’s a fact. It’s f*cked, but it’s a fact. Hermes cuff bracelets, Chanel logo brooches and earrings, and even Supreme hoodies and Off-White belts are more examples of how definitive branding is bought up by the masses constantly.

This summer I needed a new wallet and thought, “well I may as well save up and get a good one that’ll last ages”. I looked at beautiful wallets from the instantly recognizable Prada (god I love Prada), and less recognizable yet even smarter designs from Celine and Chloe. The Chloe wallet seemed better quality than the Prada but thought to myself, “most people won’t even recognize this wallet, maybe I should do the Prada instead”. I ended up saying to hell with it and didn’t buy anything. Why would I spend $900 on an expensive wallet when I’m walking around in $100 shoes and using a Zara purse half the time? It’s all so fake!

Rant over. What do guys think about this trend?


xo J





10 thoughts on “Real Talk: F*ck Your Gucci Belt.

  1. Actually I dream about basic af belts with logos all the time. I really can’t think of a better way to spend $500 😛 Loved this post! You are so right… there is a huge difference between style and being a jackass.

  2. Hi yes this topic has been around for ages. It’s always associated with status when you don branded stuff. Fashion has evolved and it always is.
    My opinion is rather than looking at branded names as luxury items, most designers are very open to incorporating their designs with streetwear hence the designs are not still stuck to their signature look unless only with their classic collections. Most probably it’s because of collaboration with younger designers and the change of influence over the years.
    It’s ok to have a piece or two but yes of course it’s not tasteful to wear from head to toe with brand names or logo like a walking advertisement or that it looks like you’re endorsing the brand – a big no no! I feel just a piece in your ensemble to compliment your outfit is definitely sleek.
    It’s not what you wear but it’s how you wear it. ❤️

    1. Thanks so much for reading! Yes I agree- there are definitely timeless items you see that don’t necessarily have logos but you know they’re designer. The trend of head to toe Givenchy/Balenciaga clothing with logos everywhere is sooo tacky imo haha. But to each their own! xo J

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