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Hi beauties,

Hope you are all doing wonderful! So after about 6 months of membership, I decided to call it quits with Ipsy. I received my May bag a few weeks ago and was once again just disappointed with my selection. The photo below is from the April Ipsy bag, but I never posted about it as I wasn’t very happy with it either.



For those of you who don’t know what Ipsy is, it’s a monthly subscription box service where you get sent 4-5 sample size (and usually one full size) product per month for $10 with free shipping.  Sounds great right? Not so much for non-Americans. I live in Canada so I pay $10US plus $5US shipping plus tax. So my $10 Ipsy bag is actually a $20 Ipsy bag once the exchange rate is added in. Add that up for a year and I’d be spending $240 on sample makeup I don’t even get to pick!

Second, the bags can really pile up. What’s a girl to do with a new travel-sized makeup bag every single month? I already have like 10 different makeup bags from my regular life!

Third, I kept getting useless cheap makeup brushes that I never use. I think I’ve used one brush from Ipsy and it was a Luxie Beauty blush brush. Everything else just collects dust. That brush in the photo looks like it’s for a five year old. Why would I ever want that?!

Fourth, basically every month I’d get a mini blush or highlight but they are so hard to actually use because you can’t coat your brush with the product! I often just give up on those samples and forget about them after a few days. In one post, I literally did a side by side comparison and found my bronzer sample to be smaller than a dime. How am I supposed to have an accurate impression if I can’t use the product properly??

Fifth, they send single eyeshadows and highlights in the pan with only a paper insert. I don’t have z palettes just laying around ready, so using those loose products can be messy and nerve-wracking. What if it falls and crumbles everywhere??

Sixth, I wish you could have more of a choice. When I tried to cancel the first time, Ipsy’s customer service tried to offer me a customizable bag at no charge, but you could only customize one item per month. At least with services like TopBox, you can choose your box every month.

Seventh, they advertise a lot of high end makeup examples on their website, but what you actually get most of the time is niche indie brands. I feel like this is false advertising to lure people into signing up.



If you live in the US, Ipsy is a great deal and if you don’t like everything you get it’s no sweat. For me, $20CAD a month on something I’m routinely unimpressed with is a big waste of money. I’d rather buy myself sushi or a new lipstick with that money.

I should mention you do get the chance to review your bag so you get a better selection the next time, but I just don’t have time to do that every single month with every single product. Overall I think what I enjoyed most was opening something fun and new every month, but the selection of products needs work and the fact that they advertise them to be high end when you really just get random crap is annoying. I thought I was gonna test out stuff from brands like Too Faced and Benefit but that has barely happened.

Have you guys tried Ipsy? What do you think???

xo J

21 thoughts on “WHY I CANCELLED IPSY

  1. I haven’t tried ipsy but the first thing I noticed was that makeup brush, I was thinking is that my little pony?! LOL what the hell. Do they think little kids buy their subscription boxes? Maybe you could give it to a little girl in your family to play with. The travel bag is interesting though. Sorry ipsy didn’t work out for you

    1. LOL glad you had the same reaction to the brush!!! Yea. The stupid thing is I put my age in my profile but it clearly doesn’t mean anything to them haha.

    1. Thanks for reading love. Yea, it’s one of those things that after 6 months I’m like, wow I could’ve bought a couple luxury products I really love for all the money. xo J

  2. I cancelled my ipsy subscription as well! The bags were piling up, the products weren’t always suited to my taste (no matter how much I took the test), and the $10 was getting to be quite expensive every month and was more expensive than my netflix $8 subscription that makes me happier. You’re not alone. You have a wonderful writing style. Just stumbled upon your blog today and I’m in love. Liked and subscribed.
Check out my blog sometime?
Have a good day!
Mena from noirerewritten 🌷

  3. I was subscribe to them for over a year, but don’t plan to come back. I’ve only reused a few of the bags, and although I’ve re-taken their questionnaire in hopes of getting other/better products, it was disappointing. This still isn’t bad for anyone who doesn’t spend much on makeup or want to try out different brands that aren’t mainstream.

  4. I live in the US and I had Ipsy for almost a year but I cancelled because some of the same reasons. The samples got smaller every time and some of the products weren’t even that good. I received one high mini sample every like 3 months so I figured I rather use those $10 for an actual makeup product that I like.

  5. I vote sushi! Even in the US this subscription never really interested me for all the same reasons you said… everything is so small and unheard of and $10 really adds up!

    1. We did have something called “glymm” but they went backrupt. It was a similiar thing to Ipsy though. I had a subscription to Wellibox which was wellness products but they cancelled their business too!

  6. I live in the US, so I think Ipsy is worth the $10 to me, but you’re so right about the tiny samples. I also hate that they’ll act like they have a how-to guide for all the products, but it’s the same guide for every type of product. That’s great that you have a picture showing exactly where to put different shades of eyeshadow, but they don’t send a palette with several shades to follow the guide, they send one shade so the guide is useless.

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