Bare Minerals Get Started Complexion Kit Review

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Recently I’ve been really frustrated with my skin in terms of evenness. I’m a victim of redness during these winter months and it gets really annoying always having a red face from dryness or temperature change. I do like my skin and prefer not to pile on too much product trying to cover it up, however, sometimes you just need help from a little makeup!

So why did I buy this? Well, I saw great reviews from Bare Minerals online, and I like that their products contain only a handful of ingredients. Also, they are cruelty free! I don’t normally wear foundation, but wanted to try powder foundation because I want something natural and light that won’t be caked all over my face. I’ve tried a couple foundation dupes like tinted BB cream and a complexion “faker” but just haven’t been happy with them as they made my skin look flat and one-toned.


I ordered this from Sephora and actually had to pay $60CAN. Bare Minerals also has a get started kit on their website and includes this exact set plus 3 bonus products all for $29. I’m kind of kicking myself now for not ordering from them instead, but to get the promotional price I would have had to give them my credit card for monthly supplies to be sent to me. The site said I could cancel at anytime, but I’m weary of too-good-to-be-true deals like that and I didn’t want to pay the hefty shipping to Canada.


This set also includes a decent makeup bag. I usually don’t like getting “free” or “exclusive” makeup bags with sets because frankly I have too many of them and they usually suck. This one however is structured and case a mirror so would be great for travelling.


You get a mini Prime Time foundation primer, and two mini foundations in Original and Matte. You also get a really mini version of Warmth, the all over complexion warmer, and the original Mineral Veil finishing powder. Oh, and of course a face brush!


Initially I was a bit disappointed that I had to pay $60 for this starter kit because everything really is quite small. The brush is an okay size but the Mineral Veil and Warmth are no bigger than an eyeshadow pod! For $60 for mini sizes, I feel like they should have also included a concealer as well, since concealer is an essential for perfect complexions.

DSC_0058Let’s get to the products.

The Primer: the primer is a clear liquid that easily glides over skin and doesn’t take long to dry. It smells kind of chemical-y though and I wouldn’t buy the full size for this reason.

Matte and Original Foundation: I’m reviewing these together because I honestly didn’t notice a difference between them! If you’re looking to completely cover your face, these won’t be for you. They have a natural finish and even after layering them I don’t feel like “full coverage” will ever occur. However, they enhance my natural complexion and I feel really pretty when I wear them. To fully cover imperfections I simply used concealer underneath, let it dry and then applied this. I’m enjoying using them, but they do have a slight powdery finish if you look up close.

Warmth: This product is for warming up your complexion however it has a red terra-cotta colour to it. I ordered the “Light” foundation since I have golden tones in my skin, but this is really dark! I wish they made something in between. It works but I would not use this unless in very small amounts because it could make your skin look muddy if applied wrong.

Original Mineral Veil: This is a finishing powder meant to set and enhance everything. The concept of this sounds really nice but I honestly just feel like its another layer of powder to add to my skin and I don’t notice anything enhancing about it.

The Brush: It alright. It sheds a bit and smelled really strong of chemicals when I first opened it. It also isn’t very soft on my skin. The bristles also packed in very tightly so I think this brush may be the reason for the “powdery” finish on my skin.

Overall: I’m enjoying how my skin looks from this set but I’m not blown away. I kind of wish I had just bought the foundation alone and saved myself some money. I like the natural radiant boost I get from the foundation, but wish I had more coverage. I am also not over the moon about the other products or the brush. I also wish they had included the tinted or illuminating Mineral Veil over the plain original one.

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  1. December 18, 2014 / 2:37 am

    I used that foundation for ages before I started wanting actual coverage. I think it’s nice if you’ve already got great skin! Nice review!

    • December 18, 2014 / 4:14 am

      Yes I agree- It’s definitely on the lighter side! 🙂

  2. December 18, 2014 / 6:21 pm

    I didn’t realize how nice the case was until now!

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